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    Anyone have recommendations on the best mountain bike trails in the midwest, particularly the upper midwest? I’ve heard and read good things about the Chequamegon trails in Wisconsin and am considering a trip for summer 2009. I’m a big fan of fast and tight cross country trails but gnarly tech stuff is always fun too. Ideas?


    I would think with the vast array of snowmonile trails that middle to upper Wisconsin would be good. May not be the ‘tight’ cross country trails but you could get some epic long days in. Shoot, you might as well do what the snowmobilers do…..go from bar to bar!! 😆


    Another area to consider (if you are driving) is the Kettle Moraine State Forest area just north of La Grange. These are listed as the John Muir hiking trails and are actually pretty decent for tight and fast. Nothing very technical except a couple short steeps and some sand from what I remember (been a few years!)


    At least in New England a lot of snowmobile trails cross private land. Snowmobile clubs get trail "rights" to use the land however these trails rights go bye-bye when the snow melts. These trails may are pretty smooth when there is a few feet of snow, and pretty fun to mt bike on, but can be quite different when there is no snow.


    If you’re coming from the south, I suggest going to the South Kettle Moraine Forest first and ride the John Muir trail system (lots of twisty single track) then stop by Backyard Bikes in LaGrange for lunch (about a mile from the trail head). Keep going north and stop to ride the Nine Mile Forest trails in Wausau, WI on your way to the Chequamegon Forest in northwest WI. Besides the MTB trails, you can also ride the snowmobile trails and forest roads. Up there, the snowmobile trails become ATV trails in the summer as opposed to the southern part of WI where the trails are mostly on private land. The government forest lands up there are HUGE. You can drive for 45 minutes at 80 mph on US 2 across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and not see a single house. (Of course, don’t actually drive that fast lest you meet up with a deer, bear, or rare moose!) 😃 In some places you’d be hard pressed to find a station on your radio!

    I have a video of this year’s Chequamegon 40 mile race on YouTube, this is one of the snowmobile trails:


    Copper Harbor Area, Hougton Michigan, in the Upper of Michigan. And at this time of year wow!!!!!!

    This is one of the many place to find info about that area, and the lady that put this site up is a great person to ride with also.




    hi fattyclark i visit your link . Its very informative by the ways pics are so sweet


    its a little late, but CAMBA in Wis is by far the biggest trail system. Copper Harbor in da UP is the most gnarly, even epic. Other great trails are in the Kettle Moraine, both North and South sections. Nine Mile is a sweet spot in central Wis. On the Lakeshore, Kewaunee has some killer trail. Trails around Madison are pretty cool, too, as that is glacial terrain.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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