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    OK I have a good hard tail MTB (Terk 6000), but think I also want an FS MTB. What bike will give me the most BANG for my BUCK????


    that depends on what type of riding you plan on doing (somthing more than what you do with the hard tail) with the you new FS bike. and about how much are you willing spend.


    Well I love single track stuff & anything with jumps and speed!!! I hate to clime, but I will do it if I have too… 😆


    if you are wanting a bike that will cost little but deliver a good all-around performance in the aggresive XC and AM catagories then i would suggest an Ironhorse Warrior 4.0 or 6.0. I am not trying to tell you to get a bike just because its what i use, but i have upgraded alot of parts on it. some other FS bikes that under a grand to consider is some if diamondback’s fs bikes but the IH comes with better components. there is also the sachem 4.0 from IH for better frame and travel. Prices on all these will of course vary depending on where you find em at. If you ask me i would try to find the Sachem for a good price (look for less than 1000 for sure). It is classiifed as an all-mountain bike (components), but the frame is designed to handle the stresses of a FR bike.

    hope this may help or give you an idea of what to look for



    Also, Jenson USA has a pretty sweet Jamis All Mountain bike for $849 right now. … +2008.aspx


    I have always thought Marin Bikes did a nice job in the lower cost bike ranges. They usually have pretty bomb proof frames that can be upgraded as the cash flow is available.

    Also, The best way to get High end bikes at Lower costs is to have a good relationship with a couple of LBS’s. I bought my Specialized FSR Stummpy 29 at about Half of retail, I was considering a 26" Giant Anthem XO and they said they had a last years Specialized sitting in one of their other stores. It was a demo that had been ridden a couple of times. It was tricked out with SRAM XO,X9 and Avid Jucity 7’s, tubless tires, Reba 29er fork…….. End result I got a REALLY high end XC bike that fits me better than the one I was looking at at a Bargin basement price. Just because it has a little dirt on the tires.

    This is the 4th. bike I have bought from this shop not to mention the pieces parts and accessories. Anyway a good bike shop is always a good thing to have a good relationship with. They even give me a Jersey and shorts occaionally so I can advertise their shop on charity rides and such!


    I’ll second the part about a good relationship with the LBS….

    I have always thought Marin Bikes did a nice job in the lower cost bike ranges.

    I’ll second this comment as well,my first mtn bike was a Marin pine mountain.I wish I had the cash to build or buy another Marin,I really do like there frames even though the one I had/have was the wrong size for me,it was too big but it still felt comfy and fun to ride.They just have a classic feel to the frame.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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