It’s a Man’s World


A really small great thing happened the other day. I had just purchased a new bike (Specialized Epic Expert, if you must know. Good for the metric f*%# ton of climbing I’ll be doing in the Trans Alp race), and while that in itself is pretty happy-making as you, dear reader, well know, the young man …

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The Story of a Mountain Bike Love Affair, and Bike Buying Woes as a Woman


I’ve never really considered myself a “tomboy” but let’s face it, I’m not really a “girlie girl” either. As far back as I can remember, my choices in bicycles have always been based on a combination of performance and cool factor. This has always translated into riding a boy’s bike. My first bike crush (oh …

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Club Ride Queen Anne Jersey Review


I’ve been really stoked on Club Ride gear lately. Their products are the perfect combination of form and function, and the Queen Anne jersey is no different. This jersey features Dri-Sulate wool-poly blend fabric for superior warmth and comfort no matter what the weather. It layers well with multiple thicknesses of base layers for a variety of conditions, …

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9 Selfish Reasons Why I’m Helping with Earthquake Repair in Nepal


When I was younger, I remember my mom asking me what I wanted to be when I grew up. The answer I gave her then still holds true today. “I want to be HAPPY,” I said. I am certain she was waiting for the ballerina, doctor, or drummer answer, and yes, I would like to …

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Zoic Milos Jersey Review


Zoic’s spring 2016 clothing line is a mixture of fun and classy–bright, bold, and patterned alongside subdued and solid colors. The women’s selection features a cool color theme with plenty of blues, purples, and greens, as well as an argyle print that incorporates all those colors into one funky pattern. This theme carries through a number …

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Zoic Arm in Arm Warmers Review

Photo: Jarrod Bunk

The time of unpredictable weather and extreme temperature differences is here. Across the nation, riders are dealing with cool or downright frigid temperatures, and are looking for ways to stay warm. Recently, I rode my bike to work in the morning when it was 26 degrees, and rode home in the late afternoon with temps …

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News: Bell Helmets Seeks Ambassadors for New Women’s Advocacy Program


Bell Helmets is at it again handing out serious swag, some advertising, a little “cash,” but more importantly, innovative mountain bike advocacy with their new Joy Ride Program. This time, instead of building trail, Bell turns the spotlight on women mountain bikers. “The Bell Joy Ride Program is designed to inspire and enable female mountain bikers with regular, structured, fun and …

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