Booby Trap: Mountain Bikers in Marin Targeted with Spike Strip Made of Rusty Screws


A spike strip constructed from rusty metal screws was recently discovered “less than a mile from the White Hill entrance to Camp Tamarancho,” one of the only bike-legal trails in Marin. As such, this booby trap was obviously aimed at mountain bikers with the intent to damage either their bikes, their persons, or both. Not only …

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IMBA Publicly Opposes Amending the Wilderness Act

2016-07-16 08.56.46-hdr

In response to the recent news that the Sustainable Trails Coalition’s bill has been introduced in Congress, IMBA has released a public statement that they say, “is intended for local IMBA chapter leadership who may have questions about this new Bill focused on mountain biking on federal lands.” Regardless of who it’s intended for, this …

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Trail Booby Trap Discovered in Ireland

Photo: Alan Mckinstry?

“A Northern Irish mountain biker found fishing line strung between trees on trails at Cavehill Country Park yesterday,” Dirt reports. The mountain biker in question was Bernard McClure, who was out for a hike with his dog on his local trail system. According to reports, McClure is heavily involved in the local trail building and maintenance organization. …

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Breaking News: The Sustainable Trails Coalition’s Bill Has Been Introduced in Congress

Photo: Samantha Levang, via the Flickr Creative Commons

This just in: The Sustainable Trails Coalition’s bill has congressional sponsors and has been introduced in Congress! According to a release on the STC Facebook page, “Senator Mike Lee of Utah introduced the Human-Powered Travel in Wilderness Areas Act, S.3205, yesterday. It’s co-sponsored by Senator Orrin Hatch, also of Utah.” This is a truly monumental step, …

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An Artist at Work: Putting the Mojo Flow Back into the Van Michael Trail

nice berm

Nestled on the shores of Lake Allatoona in Cherokee County, GA, Blankets Creek is one of the busiest trail systems in the country. I caught up with trail builders Barry Smith and Walt Bready, along with Kel Pruitt and Leigh Pruitt of SORBA Woodstock, on the Van Michael Trail (VMT), one of the gems of Blankets …

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Watch: Snare Wires Strung Across Several Mountain Bike Trails in Massachusetts

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 12-booby-trap reports that snare wires have been strung across several mountain bike trails in Massachusetts. The Department of Conservation and Recreation has been posting warnings to trail users about these booby traps which have been set, notifying trail users that these snare wires could cause serious bodily harm, and I would add, even death. So …

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