Opinion: STOP Riding Like This! Ease the Impact of Mountain Biking on the Environment


Enough whining already! Stop berating politicians and land managers for avoiding a fair public process, an absence of bipartisanship, unilateral decisions, dismissing scientific data leading to blind edicts preventing, prohibiting, and pilfering our trails under pretenses that mountain biking harms the environment more than other forms of trail use until… …we put ourselves under the …

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Mall Development Proposed for Turkey Mountain Trails (Oklahoma) Moves Elsewhere

2015-05-21 turkey_mountain

A week ago Jeff published an article about the threat of development facing some of the most popular mountain biking trails in Oklahoma. However, a new chapter has unfolded in the saga. Now, the mall developer plans to relocate to another site in Tulsa that was cleared for development years ago. According to TulsaWorld.com, An outlet …

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10 Ways to Give Back to Mountain Biking

2015-05-15 IMG_3619

2015 trail wish list: Complete Bike Vacation: Set Upgrades: Mounted Time, talent, and money to contribute to the mountain bike community: Whaaa?! You’re not done planning your cycling season until you have some karma-building ambitions in the works. Don’t worry, it’s never too late to get started, and here are 10 ways to take part …

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Singletracks Readers Help Preserve Local Trail in Wisconsin; Fight Not Over

riders on the gandy 1200

A couple weeks ago I wrote this article detailing how local government in rural Wisconsin was considering expanding motorized use on the Gandy Dancer state trail. At the end of the article, I included a list of the emails of local government officials, and encouraged Singletracks readers to send a brief letter discussing the importance …

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Bell Built Contestant: Gorges Jump Line, Brevard, NC

2015-04-21 bell built Pisgah_3-1

For those of you not familiar with Brevard, NC, it is next to Pisgah Forest National Forest, and Pisgah Forest is home to the Pisgah Stage Race, known as one of the world’s best mountain bike stage races. (Catch Part 1 of our recent Pisgah Stage Race coverage, here.) So yes, there’s a lot of mountain biking …

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Video: Bell Built Contestant: Urban Wilderness Gravity Trail, Knoxville, TN

knoxville urban wilderness gravity trail media

The Urban Wilderness is… well… wilderness adjacent to “urbanness.” Knoxville, TN, to be exact. Aside from being a very cheesy opening statement, it is the proximity of the 1,000-acre Urban Wilderness just minutes from a town of over 180,000 people that makes this project so unique. Granted there are other projects showcasing trail systems in-town, …

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