Opinion: How NOT to Reroute a Trail

This picture illustrates the difference between the new and the old.  On the left is the existing, narrow singletrack that flows through the woods; on the right is the new, wide path that plows straight through the forest.

Editor’s Note: John Fisch is an avid backcountry enthusiast who hikes, bikes and backpacks at every opportunity. The trails in this editorial are part of his big backyard.  While John is a regular contributor to Singletracks.com, the opinions expressed in this commentary are his alone and do not necessarily represent the opinions of Singletracks.com. In the spring of …

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Thieves Stole a Trail Machine from SORBA Mid-TN. Support Their Raffle to Win a Moots Frame


SORBA mid-TN is working to build and maintain mountain bike trails in the Nashville area, and they recently suffered a setback when their new DitchWitch trail building machine and custom trailer was stolen. The rig was stored behind a locked gate and the brazen thieves had to drive deep into the park to get the machine. …

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US Forest Service Proposes a “Cultural Shift” To Promote Recreation and Common Sense

Spotted at a trailhead for the Mount Massive Wilderness. Photo: Greg Heil

The US Forest Service has proposed a “cultural shift” with the intent of promoting recreation and a common-sense approach to their management policies, the Denver Post reports. Their goal is to encourage Americans to use their public lands in a safe and responsible way, but to do that, a major change will need to take place in …

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One Year Later: Is Sun Valley Still Worth Visiting after Losing MTB Trails to Wilderness?


Sun Valley, Idaho burst onto the radars of many mountain bikers in the worst way possible: by losing access to miles upon miles of epic singletrack. If you were reading mountain bike news about 12 months ago, Idaho’s Boulder-White Clouds Wilderness was splayed across the front pages of news sites like ours, with headlines like …

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Update: According to BLM, Wire Across Trail in Fruita Not a Booby Trap

Photo via CBS Denver

According to the Bureau of Land Management, the wire found strung across a trail in Fruita, CO was not a booby trap. Rather, according to a Facebook post distributed by mountain bike advocacy groups in the area, “it was an old electric fence that took the rider down, not a malicious booby trap. Fences and remains …

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Interbike to Organize Trail Service Project Ahead of Fall Cyclofest at USNWC

photo: Dread

Interbike is presenting the first ever Fall Cyclofest in Charlotte, NC at the US National Whitewater Center (USNWC) October 20-23, 2016. The first two days of the event are open to industry folks while the last two days will be open to the public with demos, group rides, races, and live music. Organizers are working with …

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Trail Terrorism on 2 Colorado Trails this Week: 18 Road, Fruita and Hartman Rocks, Gunnison


Unfortunately, we have two acts of trail terrorism to report this week, to remind our readers to stay safe and alert while out there on the trail. Both of them come from my home state of Colorado. Wire at 18 Road, Fruita Update: August 22, 2016 at 1:56pm MDT According to the Bureau of Land Management, the wire …

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The Top 10 Places We’d Love to Mountain Bike… If It Was Legal

Photo: Greg Heil

With the Sustainable Trails Coalition’s bill officially introduced in Congress, we can’t help but daydream about all the places we’d love to ride our mountain bikes… if only it was legal! With over 109 million acres of designated Wilderness in the United States, plus thousands more miles of singletrack outside of Wilderness areas that are also off limits …

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