News: NWTA V. City of Portland Legal Action


On March 23rd, the Northwest Trail Alliance (NWTA) took the first step in a series of legal actions against Portland Parks and Recreation (PP&R) and the Bureau of Environmental Services’ (BES) recent decision to ban mountain biking in River View Natural Area (RVNA). The Portland-based chapter of the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA), in an open letter to its members and supporters, said …

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Portlanders Protest New Mountain Bike Ban


Is it the mud? Is it the plant life? Is it to protect hikers? Maybe it’s that lawsuit? Ask any one of the 300 bike-wielding Portland protestors on Monday and they’ll tell you it isn’t for any of those reasons. They will, however, vehemently argue the city of Portland’s sudden ban on mountain biking in River …

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Is Portland the New Marin?

This Welcome Mat gets pulled on March 16.

Marin County, CA, is if not the very birthplace of mountain biking, at the very least one of the cradles which gave birth to our sport.  When Joe Breeze threw a fat (by road bike standards) tire on a frame and he and his buds, including Gary Fisher, began riding Mt. Tamalpais on homemade modifications, …

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Advocacy Alert: Boulder-White Clouds National Monument vs. Wilderness

Idaho’s Boulder-White Clouds area north of Sun Valley remains one of America’s largest and most stunning unprotected natural areas.  As such, this area was to many an obvious choice for Wilderness designation, but such a designation would prohibit cycling, which has traditionally been a large part of the area’s draw.  In an open-minded show of …

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When Bandit Trails Go Legit: The Hangover Trail, Sedona’s Crowning Jewel

The consequences are high: there's no telling how close you'll get to the valley floor below before you stop. Regardless, Matt drops in and sends the whole section in one go.

The Hangover Trail is the most intense trail of jaw-dropping ingenuity in all of Sedona… and one of the most creatively-built trails I’ve ever ridden. And it–along with all of the other very best mountain bike-legal trails in Sedona–began life as a hush-hush pirate trail. The Ride Our ride on the final day of my …

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Video: Peak to Creek Episode 5

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 1.32.04 PM

Peak to Creek Episode: 5 from Freehub Magazine on Vimeo. With the bottom half of the trail nearly complete, the build crew knocks out some woodwork before heading to the high alpine. Once above the tree line they make the transition from stump pulling and bridge building to more straightforward benching…a lot of benching. Watch …

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Access Update: The 2015 National Defense Authorization Act Results in Loss of MTB Access

knicker biker

In keeping with the wild and wacky ways of our government, the recently-passed 2015 National Defense Authorization Act (the law which authorizes military spending) included some unrelated riders.  One such attachment was the Columbine Hondo Wilderness Act, which establishes the Columbine Hondo Wilderness in the area between Taos and Red River, New Mexico. One unprecedented …

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