Watch: Snare Wires Strung Across Several Mountain Bike Trails in Massachusetts

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 12-booby-trap reports that snare wires have been strung across several mountain bike trails in Massachusetts. The Department of Conservation and Recreation has been posting warnings to trail users about these booby traps which have been set, notifying trail users that these snare wires could cause serious bodily harm, and I would add, even death. So …

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News: IMBA and STC Refresh Relationship, Offer United Front, but Reaffirm Individual Tactics


IMBA and STC have released a joint statement, “urging mountain bikers to work together to support trail stewardship and improved mountain bike access,” according to their press release. The two organizations wish to focus on the common goal of increasing mountain bike access, instead of pitting their causes and the members of their individual groups against …

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Montana Mountain Bikers Lose Access to Another 180 Miles of Singletrack

Mountain biking in the Bitterroot National Forest. Photo: ridethetetons

The Bitterroot National Forest has just released their updated travel management plan, which includes the closure of 180 miles of singletrack to mountain bikes, due to the trails’ inclusion in two different Wilderness Study Areas. “We are all pretty depressed,” said Lance Pysher of Bitterroot Backcountry Cyclists, as reported on “We knew something like this …

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Santa Cruz Bicycles Just Donated $500,000 to Build Trails in the San Vicente Redwoods

The mighty redwoods! Note: this photo wasn't taken while mountain biking, or on the property in question. Photo: Greg Heil

Santa Cruz Bicycles has just donated $500,000 to help build trails in the San Vicente Redwoods near the town of Santa Cruz, California, the Santa Cruz Sentinel reports. An anonymous donor has also matched that gift, which puts the local land trust that now manages and oversees this parcel of land at $3.5 million for the new …

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News: The Whistler Bike Park May Double in Size During New Expansion

Photo: Logan Swayze via

Whistler-Blackcomb recently announced a new “Renaissance” expansion, in which they plan to invest $345 million in expanding various parts of the resort. While this expansion will be rolled out in three phases and isn’t solely focused on mountain biking, Whistler claims that this project has the potential to double the size of the bike park! Pinkbike reports …

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Marin County to Begin Enforcing 15mph Speed Limit on Mountain Bike Trails

Singletrack at Camp Tamarancho, arguably the only decent, bike-legal singletrack trail in Marin. Photo: Greg Heil.

According to a recent article published on, Marin County will begin enforcing a 15mph speed limit on mountain bike trails in their open space areas. “Beginning this month, park rangers will be staking out open space areas where mountain bikers, hikers, dog walkers and horseback riders have been known to speak words to one …

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April Fools: New MTB Advocacy Group Formed to Address Lack of Frontier Bike Access


A new mountain bike advocacy group has been gaining momentum after recognizing a gaping, black hole in current mountain bike access laws. It turns out the 1973 Agreement Governing the Activities of States on the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies (aka the Moon Treaty) contains language that the newly-formed Inter-planetary Mountain Bike Association (IPMBA) says is both discriminatory …

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Riding After Rain: Advice for New Riders

If your bike tire leaves a rut throughout the trail, it is too wet to ride, according to IMBA’s Mark Eller.

This time of year, mud, snow, and ice cover trails across the continent, and sunshine is in short supply. Most mountain bikers acknowledge that riding soft trails can accelerate erosion and widen precious singletrack into jeep roads. But sometimes, it’s tough to know if trails are dry enough to ride. “It is something that takes some experience,” said …

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Advocacy Alert: Development Threatens Pristine Region Surrounding Allegrippis Trails, PA


The area surrounding Raystown Lake in central Pennsylvania is special for many reasons, one of them being that it’s home to the Allegrippis Trails, which Singletracks rates as the 15th best trail system in the world. While Allegrippis woos riders with a fast, flowy, and fun stacked loop system that can be enjoyed by beginners …

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