Singletracks Trail Widgets: Local Trails, Conditions, and Trail Info


Singletracks offers free trail widgets for bike shops, MTB clubs, tourism groups, and pretty much anyone with a webpage and the ability to cut and paste. Here’s a quick overview. Local Trails Choose to display a map of mountain bike … Continue reading

Advocacy Alert: Comment period open for Inyo, Sequoia, and Sierra National Forests


WHAT: The “Detailed Proposed Action in Support of the Need to Change Items in the Notice of Intent for Forest Plan Revision for the Inyo, Sequoia and Sierra National Forests” is open for public comment. WHEN: Until September 29 WHO: You! Please take the time … Continue reading

Opinion: 4 Reasons Why You Should Vote For Yellow River in the Bell Built Grant Competition (Even if You Don’t Live in Georgia)


Singletracks has been covering the Bell Built grant competition over the past several weeks, sharing videos from each nominee in all 3 regions. With the East Coast regional projects open to voting this week, I can’t help but give a … Continue reading

News: CAMBr Loses Bell Built Grant, Instead Plans Fundraiser for Andres Bike Park in Carpentersville, IL


While CAMBr didn’t win the Central portion of the Bell Built grant, they haven’t given up hope on seeing Andres Bike Park in Carpentersville, IL become a reality. Instead, they are springboarding off of the exposure that simply being a … Continue reading

Video: Bell Built Grant: Holiday Valley Ski Resort Trail, Ellicottville, New York


Voting is now live for the Eastern portion of the Bell Built Grant! Vote now through June 20 May 18. Videos have been posted for each of the proposed projects. Here’s the video for Holiday Valley Ski Resort Trail, Ellicottville, New York: … Continue reading