In Praise of the Noob

2015-01-06 Ride-With-a-noob

Noobs take a lot of heat in the mountain bike world.  They are constantly getting passed and maybe dissed in the process.  We “expert” bikers scoff at their lack of skills and fitness.  We disparage their lack of trail etiquette and general knowledge of the care and feeding of a simple bicycle.  For some, the …

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11 Drills for Holding a Line: Gain Confidence on Skinnies and Narrow, Exposed Terrain

MN River Bottoms 9-Mile Creek log

The skill of riding straight–holding a line, as it’s commonly called–is one of the most fundamental mountain bike skills.  It’s not just used for riding skinnies, like the length of logs, planks, and elevated boardwalks, but staying on your line through rock gardens or along a section of narrow singletrack where precision matters. But just like the …

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Light Hands, Heavy Feet: 17 Drills to Help Make Your Riding More Stable no Matter What the Terrain


Mountain bike coaches everywhere consider “light hands, heavy feet” a fundamental skill, right up there with the attack/ready position. Why? Jake Carsten, an IMBA ICP Instructor Trainer and one of the coaches at Dirt Dojo, puts it this way: Carrying weight in our feet vs. our hands puts our weight much lower on the bike, allowing …

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Top 10 Mountain Bike Training and Fitness Articles on Singletracks


It’s the middle of April, and while winter still seems to be hanging on to life in many parts of the us by the tips of its bloodied, raw fingers, spring really is upon us! With spring comes spring training. Whether you’re prepping for an epic race (or race series) this year, getting in shape …

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Join Us in Taking the 30 Days of Biking Challenge!


The 30 Days of Biking challenge is beginning its 5th year, and it’s a pretty simple concept: bike every day, without fail, for all 30 days of April. There’s no time or distance requirement, and not even a requirement to ride a certain type of bike. Whether it’s just riding around the block, to the grocery …

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Clif Bar Seasonal Flavors Available: Iced Gingerbread, Pecan Pie, and Spiced Pumpkin Pie


Clif Bar is making three seasonal varieties of their eponymous energy snacks and I recently got a chance to try all three. Since taste is a really subjective call, I decided to enlist mudhunny and our 4-year-old daughter in this shootout. May the best bar win! Iced Gingerbread Mudhunny ranked this #1 in the test …

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