Trail Ninja Video: Trail Pirates Pillage Menorca’s Classic Camí De Cavalls

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 7.46.09 AM

The Spanish island of Menorca’s highest point is only 358m above sea level. Its not high, but ride the Camí de Cavalls trail that circumnavigates this Mediterranean island and you’ll pack in a whopping 3700m of lung-punching climbs and brake-searing descents, all of it on an ancient footpath that used to connect watchtowers used to …

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Racing Sick


Everybody has a race that they circle on their calendar and plan for year-round. This event is “the big one,” the one you train for, the one that motivates you. For 365 days you make sacrifices in order to achieve a good result. You train in the wind and rain; you eat only granola bars, …

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5 Ways You Should Train Like a Roadie

Photo: Greg Heil

I can feel the piercing death stares and hear the mumbled expletives even through the magical interwebs. “Why would any mountain biker in their right mind choose to actively bike like a roadie?” Though we’re all technically cyclists, the culture and personality traits of road bikers can differ dramatically from mountain bikers. Road bikers tend to lean …

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How to Push Your Limits–Endurance Style

Pushing the limits, endurance style. Photo: Derek Hermon

Mountain biking is all about pushing your limits and trying something you have never done before. This can mean trying new terrain, hitting that feature that you always skip, or participating in an extreme ride that you never thought you were capable off. One of the ways you can push yourself is with an extreme …

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In Praise of the Noob

2015-01-06 Ride-With-a-noob

Noobs take a lot of heat in the mountain bike world.  They are constantly getting passed and maybe dissed in the process.  We “expert” bikers scoff at their lack of skills and fitness.  We disparage their lack of trail etiquette and general knowledge of the care and feeding of a simple bicycle.  For some, the …

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11 Drills for Holding a Line: Gain Confidence on Skinnies and Narrow, Exposed Terrain

MN River Bottoms 9-Mile Creek log

The skill of riding straight–holding a line, as it’s commonly called–is one of the most fundamental mountain bike skills.  It’s not just used for riding skinnies, like the length of logs, planks, and elevated boardwalks, but staying on your line through rock gardens or along a section of narrow singletrack where precision matters. But just like the …

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