On Review: Pivot Mach 6 Carbon XX1

2015-06-09 pivot mach 6

The Pivot Mach 6, or M6, has been around for about three years and arguably set the first definitive benchmark for the modern enduro bike design. Chris Cocalis and his crew at Pivot have worked hard to make sure the M6 stays on top, endorsing such rowdy riders as stoppie-king Bernard Kerr, who clearly rocks this bike …

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On Review: Zen TRAIL Frame

2015-06-02 IMG_3553-1200x900

I first saw the Zen TRAIL frame on display at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show. Already a fan of hard tails–I own three–the long, low, and slack steel bike caught my eye. Portland-based Zen has been making bikes for years–just for other brands. This year Zen has launched their own line consisting of five …

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Test Ride Review: Specialized Fatboy Pro Fat Bike

2015-04-18 spec fat boy IMG_0039

The Specialized Fatboy has been around for a while now, so it’s long past time for me to throw a leg over this 5″-tired fat bike! The Fatboy I tested–the “Pro” model–was spec’ed with the RockShox Bluto suspension fork, Ground Control 26×4.6″ tires, XT brakes, a Command Control dropper post, and a SRAM X01 drivetrain. …

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Test Ride Review: Commencal Meta AM V4


Let me preface this by saying, the trails surrounding the venue at the Sea Otter Classic do not require a 6″ travel full suspension bike. You could ride pretty much everything on a road bike, and you might even be faster too. That said, you work with what you’ve got at your disposal, right? Commencal is …

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Test Ride Review: Trek Stache 9 29+

2015-04-17 bontrager IMG_0141

The big story at the 2015 Sea Otter Classic is the widespread introduction of the 27.5+ wheelsize. For those unfamiliar, this is a mid-fat wheelsize featuring approximately 3-inch tires. Stay tuned for a more detailed analysis of this progression in the plus size trend once the show has finished. The Trek Stache reviewed here is …

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