Sarma Vortex 1.0 Fat Bike Review


Some riders, especially those drawn to small or boutique brands, put a lot of stock in where their mountain bike originated.  This is no more true than in fat bike land, where name plates from cold, snowy places like Alaska and Minnesota get the lion’s share of buzz as “real” fat bikes.  If such a …

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Yeti SB5.5c Test Ride Review


“Forget any preconceived notions about 29ers…,” says Yeti Cycles on introducing the newest addition to their SB lineup. But what about unbiased, confirmed notions, Yeti? Been there, done that, and I’m just not at all sold on full squish 29ers. To be fair, it was Moab, 2013, the last time I threw my little legs …

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Fezzari Timp Peak Trail Bike Review


Fezzari, a direct-to-consumer manufacturer based in Utah, has been working hard to produce competitive bikes at much more affordable prices than the standard brands that you’ll find at your LBS. We have communicated with them at events like Outerbike and Sea Otter, and they seem driven to crank out consumer-centric bikes that can hang with, and …

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Specialized Diverge Comp Adventure Bike Review


As I recovered from ACL repair surgery, the doctors told me that biking was great for my range of motion, and an excellent way to stay in shape with a vulnerable ACL. The catch? I couldn’t fall, or power out of the saddle, or do any intense movements on the bike. In short, I was …

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Seeing Double on Norco’s New Optic Trail Bikes – Test Ride Review

Can you tell a difference between these two bikes?

There’s no doubt that today’s 150-160mm-travel bikes are extremely capable. Most of the current crop of long-legged trail bikes could blow older downhill bikes out of the water. That said, there aren’t many of us that actually need a bike that’s capable of winning an Enduro World Series race. I count myself among that camp, …

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GT Zaskar Carbon Test Ride Review

gt_zaskar - 1

GT is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Zaskar this year, and for 2016 they introduced several carbon models of the venerable hardtail. I tested the tippy top of the Zaskar line, the Carbon Ltd. edition, on a group ride with none other than Hans Rey and some of his closest friends at Sea Otter last …

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Santa Cruz Hightower Test Ride Review


Santa Cruz invited a bunch of folks out to their HQ in advance of Sea Otter to talk about what they’ve been up to and to get a quick ride in afterwards. A lot was covered–some of which we can’t share just yet–but a large chunk of the presentation focused on their trail building efforts in …

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