Test Ride Review: Juliana Roubion

The Juliana Roubion. A bike capable of tackling both steep ascents and big jumps

Due primarily to an imbalance in numbers, women’s-specific mountain bikes are quite a niche market. As such, there are very few options for women that desire a women’s-specific mountain bike that is very aggressive and technically capable. Santa Cruz is one of the few brands that have taken a forward stance by supporting an entirely separate …

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On Review: The Foes Mutz Full Suspension Fat Bike


Part 1: The Beginning Big bike companies like Specialized and Trek have marketing departments dedicated to finding out what bike innovations they can sell, and sell lots of, to you, the mountain bike customer.  Small, boutique  bike builders have very small staffs and the President/CEO/Owner usually is the marketing department.  These small staffs/individuals are often …

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On Review: Norco Sasquatch


The Sasquatch is Norco’s first fat bike that uses a suspension fork. Compared to the Bigfoot line, the Sasquatch’s geometry has been tweaked to accommodate the RockShox Bluto. The 6061 hydroformed aluminum frame has been designed with a low stand over height regardless of size. Compact and sturdy, the relatively low (313mm) bottom bracket height …

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Final Review: Chumba Ursa 29+


Bike companies come and bike companies go.  Even if they don’t disappear, they often fall on hard times.  Some top quality brands never really recover (anyone try to buy a Titus or Maverick lately?).  Even venerable Schwinn, once the hallmark of quality bikes in America, is now schlepping out bargain basement bikes for the big …

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On Review: Chumba Ursa 29+


I purchased my first mountain bike in 2000, by which time aluminum had largely displaced steel as the frame material of choice (which has since been displaced by carbon fiber), and front suspension had fully taken over the market, soon to be supplemented with full suspension. So now, a full 14 years later, with all …

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