Plus-Size Wheels Vs. Standard Wheels: The Real Scoop on the Future of Mountain Bikes

Standard 27.5 (left) and 27.5+ (right)

Plus-size tires, bikes, and components designed to accommodate them, are taking center stage in the latest-and-greatest MTB trend for 2015. However, based on Facebook comments left on a plus-size news blurb a few days ago, perhaps less than half of the commenters actually realized that by “27.5+,” we mean something totally different than “27.5.” So …

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Final Review: Scott Genius 930


The Scott Genius 930 is an unsung hero of a trail bike. While it forgoes some of the flash and bling that some other brands offer, the Genius has the ability to radically transform its demeanor and tackle a host of different terrain. This demeanor switch is courtesy of the shock mount chip in the …

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Review: Canyon Spectral CF Mountain Bike

IMG_0108 (1)

Normally when we fly to a destination in order to write up a series, like this one, for Singletracks, we get hooked up with a rental bike from a local shop for the week. These rentals have varied in quality over the years from low-end, clapped-out, 2-year-old bikes to brand-new, off-the-showroom-floor, not-yet-available-to-the-public wonder bikes. Canyon …

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Review: Leatt 3DF Hybrid Elbow and Knee/Shin Pads

The arm and leg armor are side specific

Leatt has developed a new breed of armor in the form of the Arm Guard 3DF Hybrid and the Knee and Shin Guard 3DF Hybrid, which are re-incarnations of the company’s popular 3DF line with additional hardshell material for more durability and protection. This design is a “hybrid” between the 3DF and Contour product lines. Both the elbow …

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On Review: Pivot Mach 6 Carbon XX1

2015-06-09 pivot mach 6

The Pivot Mach 6, or M6, has been around for about three years and arguably set the first definitive benchmark for the modern enduro bike design. Chris Cocalis and his crew at Pivot have worked hard to make sure the M6 stays on top, endorsing such rowdy riders as stoppie-king Bernard Kerr, who clearly rocks this bike …

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On Review: Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt BC Edition

2015-06-08 rock mountain

Rocky Cheats Up It has always seemed to me that Rocky Mountain bikes “cheat up” on the gnar scale.  That is to say that a Rocky Mountain cross country bike can be thrown around like a hardcore trail bike and their trail bike can be pushed more like an enduro/all mountain bike… and they generally …

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On Review: Zen TRAIL Frame

2015-06-02 IMG_3553-1200x900

I first saw the Zen TRAIL frame on display at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show. Already a fan of hard tails–I own three–the long, low, and slack steel bike caught my eye. Portland-based Zen has been making bikes for years–just for other brands. This year Zen has launched their own line consisting of five …

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