Final Review: The Foes Mixer Enduro


I finished the Foes Mixer Enduro “On Review” article by promising to answer the question  of whether the new mixed wheel (29″ up front and 27.5″ in the rear) bike is a “gimmick or a game changer. ” I won’t make you read this entire article to get the answer to that question.  I will …

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On Review: The Foes Mixer Enduro


Prologue: Skiing 1996 At the 1996 US Junior Downhill Skiing Championships, a then largely-unknown 18-year-old Bode Miller announced his presence by winning three of four events, and placing second in the other.  What was most significant about this event other than the arrival of a great talent?  His equipment.  His weapon of choice?  A “shaped” …

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Long Term Review: Zen TRAIL Frame


As mentioned in my “On Review” article, I’ve always been a big fan of hardtails. I think everyone should have one in their quiver. Riding a hardtail will keep your skills sharp, particularly when it comes to line choice, and from a practical standpoint, they’re easy to maintain. The modern geometry (long, low, and slack) …

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Test Ride Review: Salsa Cutthroat Carbon Rival 1


Bikepacking is a fast-growing mountain bike discipline that provides the perfect combination of the go-fast mountain biking ethos with the wilderness survival ethos of backpacking. Finally, the bikes are starting to catch up with the riders, with more and more purpose-built bikepacking rigs hitting the market. The Salsa Cutthroat is one such bike. According to …

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Long Term Review: 2016 Commencal Meta AM V4 Race

commencal meta am v4

The Meta AM V4 is Commencal’s bread-and-butter, 150mm rear wheel travel, 27.5″, all-mountain enduro machine. Already a mouthful of a description, I’d also like to add: bloody awesome! And before you think the next 1,479 words are going to be nothing but fluffy praise in a sustaining effort to lube the industry, I’ll cut to …

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Test Ride Review: Turner Czar


Having enjoyed my time on the Turner RFX so much, I decided to wrap up my Outerbike experience with another Turner, this time migrating from the all mountain side to the opposite end of the spectrum in Turner’s line of high quality suspension bikes, with the dedicated XC racing Czar.  Like most dedicated full suspension …

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Test Ride Review: Salsa Bucksaw Carbon


After riding the Turner King Khan at Outerbike last year, I instantly became a fan of dual suspension fat bikes. Interestingly, the number of fully-suspended fatties hasn’t really expanded since that time, but a slightly-updated version of the Salsa Bucksaw was announced last November: the Bucksaw Carbon. Essentially, the Bucksaw Carbon maintains the same geometry …

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