Podcast: MTB Upgrades for Under a Hundo


Don’t have the scratch for a new rig this year? We don’t either. Luckily there are at least half a dozen MTB upgrades that can be done for under a hundred bucks each to make your bike ride like new. Don’t have time for a listen? Read Greg’s article on this topic published in 2014.

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Video: How To Replace Your Chain – MTB Maintenance

2015--09-29 gmbn chain replace

You need to replace your chain when the old one gets worn out or if it fails on you. It’s always handy to keep a chain tool on you out on the trail if this does happen – even if you have a ‘powerlink’ style chain connector, you’ll still need a means of cutting your …

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Video: How To Overhaul Your Mountain Bike – Keep Your Bike Riding Like New

2015-09-08 overhaul

We all love that new bike feeling. But, after a couple of months, the chances are that that feeling will be long-gone. You can keep your bike feeling fresh though. There are a few key components that you should check regularly and be prepared to replace. Here’s a quick look at the regular service and …

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