Watch: MTB Chain Repair Basics


Today, my bike is looking fly with a brand new gold chain. I installed this today because my old chain snapped at the bike park. Thanks to the help of a chain tool, I was back up and running. So why did I replace my chain if it was fixed? More importantly, how did I …

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Video: How To Remove, Regrease And Replace Your Bottom Bracket

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 10-bb

A noisy bottom bracket isn’t just annoying; those gritty bearings could be slowing you down too. Luckily, this video will help you out. Start by stripping your bottom bracket down and thoroughly cleaning and regreasing the threads. If that doesn’t help, it’s time to replace your bottom bracket. Scott’s got you covered with that too…

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Topeak Wants to Hide Tools Inside Your Mountain Bike

topeak - 2

Jealous of the Specialized SWAT door for stashing tools, and wish you had one on your own bike? Now Topeak has a few solutions to allow anyone to store bike tools and gadgets inside their bikes. The Ninja series from Topeak puts tools in three main spots on a mountain bike: inside the bars, inside the seat post, and underneath …

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