Registration Is Open for 9 Mountain Bike Festivals in 2016

photo: BLM via Flickr Creative Commons, no changes made.

No mountain bike event brings it all together like the mountain bike festival. Whether you’re looking for a race, relaxation, guided group rides, or just some shit-eating-grin good times, these fat tire gatherings have it all. Here, we’ve gathered a smattering of some of the coolest, most promising fests you can register for now. And …

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The First-Ever Fat Bike World Championships: Part 1


In 1976, Crested Butte inadvertently played a pivotal role in the history of mountain biking with the first “Annual Pearl Pass Tour.” Solidly entrenched in the mountain bike culture, Crested Butte has now positioned itself in the forefront of fat bike fever with the first-ever rendition of Fat Bike Worlds. My photographer husband, Scott, and …

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Opinion: 10 Reasons Why You SHOULD Race Your Mountain Bike

Selene Yeager racing the Transylvania Epic. Photo: TSEpic Media Team

Editor’s Note: Dustin Gaddis has raced a slew of endurance MTB events and has helped coordinate races ranging from a local time trial to a national championship, but he isn’t very fast in the grand scheme of things. The opinions expressed in this commentary are his alone and do not necessarily represent the opinions of …

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What do you think about motor doping?


A hidden motor was discovered in a bike at the UCI Cyclocross World Championships this past weekend. The offending rider was Femke Van den Driessche (Team Kleur op Maat). This is outstanding as the first confirmed case of motor doping, also refered to by some as  “technological doping” or “mechanical doping.” There is some dispute about …

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Mid-Winter Shenanigans at Frozen Fat 2016

log ride

Winter can be rough. While I love snow, riding bikes in the snow, and the occasional ski day, the cold and many hours of darkness tend to sap my motivation. For times like these, it’s helpful to have good company and something fun to look forward to. This is where Frozen Fat comes in. Frozen …

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Opinion: 10 Reasons Why You Should NOT Race Your Mountain Bike

Photo: littlegoat

Editor’s Note: Greg Heil made it one of his primary goals to not enter any races in 2015–and he succeeded. While Greg is the Editor in Chief for, the opinions expressed in this commentary are his alone and do not necessarily represent the opinions of By and large, our sport of mountain biking is rooted in racing. …

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Blackburn Design Seeks Serious Epic Adventure Junkies for Ranger Program


One look at what Blackburn Design is offering to serious backcountry adventurers and you will delete any and all epic mountain bike trips you’ve been scheming since the snow fell. As of January 1, the mountain bike accessory company, whose attention to quality, I might add, is absolutely on point, is accepting applications for their …

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There Are At Least 52 Fat Bike Races Happening in 17 States Over the Next Two Months

photo: Walter Rhein

People keep asking: “Is fat biking a fad?” Well, judging by the events on the Singletracks race calendar for the next two months, the answer is a big fat “NO!” We counted 52 fat bike races taking place in 17 US states from Maine to California and as far south as North Carolina, where the racing is …

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