Polar M400 Lifestyle Watch Review

2016-02-01 13.30.16

I have owned a couple of Polar products and been pleased with them. The company appears to have a healthy relationship between industrial design and functionality that is rare. Consider the M400 here, alongside a wrist-mounted spaceship from a fruit-based gadget company. You’ll notice that the Polar has some of the same swoopyness without looking, …

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The Strava Effect on Mountain Biking


In case you haven’t heard of it, Strava is a website/mobile app that allows you to share information about your mountain bike rides using GPS data collected during the ride. The social network is built around the idea of tracking your fitness progress and challenging friends (and even strangers), which makes the whole thing pretty …

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The 10 Best Apps for Mountain Biking


The smartphone is the single most ubiquitous piece of technology today. These days, everyone from your 80-year-old grandma on down to your 12-year-old nephew is walking around with their head down, tapping away on their iPhone. While some have decried the smartphone as a distraction from real life and the natural world around us, these ever-present …

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Review: Suunto Ambit3 Peak GPS Unit


I consider myself a bit old school in my gear selection. However, as an engineer by day, I find that I am always looking to gather as much data and telemetry as possible for the sheer joy of crunching numbers–a strange affliction, I know. Recently, I broke my longstanding avoidance of new technology with the …

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News: Garmin Announces New eTrex GPS Units


The Garmin eTrex is pretty much the grandaddy of every portable recreational GPS device on the trail and today Garmin announces two updated models, the 30x and 20x. Each supports both GPS and GLONASS satellites for improved accuracy and coverage plus color screens and 3.7Gb of internal memory (double the memory of previous eTrex 20 …

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