Searching for Beginner Trails to Avoid East Coast Gnar

Rider: Leah Barber. Photo: Jeff Barber

Brevard, North Carolina is the only destination east of the Rocky Mountains to make our Top 10 Destinations in North America list… but we didn’t put it in there as an eastern consolation prize. Instead, we truly believe that the quality, intensity, and sheer volume of the singletrack riding in Brevard can go toe-to-toe with …

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Video: How to Use Your Knees to Steer Your MTB

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 10-knees

Point your knee the direction you want to go. This episode of mission control is all about using your knee position to guide the bike at speed. Mission Control is all about making little tweaks to your riding position or bike set up in order to make a big difference on the track.steering with your …

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