How To: DIY Hammock for Bikepacking


So you want to try bikepacking. Do you have a bike? (duh…) A route? (ya!) Loads of unbridled, rookie enthusiasm? (of course!!) Loads of money for high-tech, hard-core, ultra-light, fancy-schmancy gear to sleep in and on, cook with, provide light, and strap it all to your rig for miles on end? (uh… nope). Just like enduro …

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My Mountain Biking Teachers


“I am not a teacher, but an awakener.” – Robert Frost You probably remember very little of the quail shot crammed down your throat during Course XYZ 10, yet some of those who taught you have left lasting tread marks on your mind. What was it about Mr. Benson’s high school biology class that still inspires you today? Was …

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How To Start Bikepacking

Explore the wild via mountain bike. Photo Credit: Revelate Designs

Hopefully after reading the 10 Bikepacking Races to Put on Your Calendar article some of you may have felt a twinge of inspiration to head out on an adventure. However, you may not yet know exactly how to embark on said adventure just yet. This article is meant for you, budding bikepacker. In its simplest …

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