7 Life Lessons About Parenting I Learned by Teaching My Kid to Ride a Bike


Ok, so I lied in the title: I didn’t actually teach my kid to ride her bike. She basically taught herself, so it seems a little dishonest to take any credit for her accomplishment. Still, I learned a number of lessons leading up to the big moment (pictured here), which I thought I’d share with …

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How to Buy a Used Bike Online: A Practical Guide


Aaron wrote an excellent article about selling bikes online, but when it comes to purchasing a bike, the rules can be completely different for potential buyers. This article focuses on purchasing bikes from other individual sellers, not a new bike from an online retailer. Choose your Used Marketplace Wisely eBay is undoubtedly the most popular …

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Video: How To Climb Switchbacks – MTB Technique

2015-10-13 switchbacks gmbn

Uphill switchbacks might seem like a struggle, but making good line choices and gear selection will help you improve. Technique is important too – getting your weight forward and attacking the corners with speed should help to sling you through those bends. If you do a lot of riding up hills, consider your bike setup …

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