8 Category-Killing Mountain Bikes


While many, if not most, mountain bikes are easy to slot into their intended category such as cross-ountry, downhill, trail, fat, etc., some recent designs have transcended definition and can play comfortably in several categories. This is achieved either by simple component changes or, in some cases, on the fly adjustments. Here are 8 mountain bikes that defy …

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News: Rocky Mountain National Park To Allow Limited Mountain Biking

Mountain biking Rogers Pass in Winter Park, one of the trails that can be connected to in this region. Photo: Guest.

In a recent announcement that marks the successful culmination of lobbying by local mountain bike advocates as well as collaboration between Grand County, Colorado State, and National Park Service officials, a two-mile stretch of the East Shore Trail will soon be open to mountain bikes. The East Shore Trail is six miles, two miles of …

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Review: Light & Motion Taz 1500 Bike Light

Taz 1500

Deny it all you want, but the days are getting unmistakably shorter. Those of us who like to keep riding into the fall and even winter will need lights… or time off work. In recent years the cycling light market has exploded from just a handful of high-end models to a whole spectrum of choices …

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