Upgraded Garmin Montana 610 gets GLONASS capability. Thanks, Putin!


Yes, that’s right, that Putin: Vladimir Putin, President of Russia. Whatever else you may think of him, we have him to thank for the modernization of the GLONASS satellite system, which, working in tandem with GPS, can provide faster location fixes than GPS alone. If you’re thinking, “Wait a minute, I don’t want to use …

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Get a Grip with the WTB PadLoc


See what I did there? Get a grip? Because this article is about grips. Don’t roll your eyes like that. Bad puns are required by law in this bicycle journalism game. Ask BikeSnobNYC if you don’t believe me. But now, to business. If you’re experiencing fatigue on the bike — and aren’t we all? — …

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Competitive Cyclist’s Strava Campaign Underestimated Cyclist Zeal


You may recall that just twelve days ago we reported that Competitive Cyclist and Strava had teamed up to reward cyclists with store credit for documented hours on the bike. If you missed it, that article is here, but for the moment the program is on hold for what sounds like one simple reason: too …

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