SUGOI Cares About Your Butt’s Comfort, and They Have a Guarantee to Prove It


If you’re thinking about wrapping your butt in a new piece of cycling bottoms, the time has never been better to try some of SUGOI’s pieces. They’re offering a 60-day money back guarantee on the spring 2015 line of butt covers. “Oh yeah,” you’re probably thinking, “But there will be some language in the offer …

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News: GoPro and Vislink Develop Wearable Live Video Transmission Technology

Super low profile fat bike

Everywhere you look, riders are festooned with gadgets. Between GPS, heart rate monitors, and video cameras, it’s sometimes hard to tell a mountain biker from a Borg. But whether you approve of the increasing gadgetization of outdoor sports or not, it’s hard to deny that watching pros do top-level stuff in HD is pretty dang …

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News: Coronet Peak Open for MTB this Summer


Listen up, Kiwis; especially those of you in the Queenstown area. NZSki Ltd., the company that runs the Corornet Peak skifield, is going to open itself for mountain biking this summer. Here’s Coronet Peak ski area manager Ross Copland on being excited to open up the chairlift to bikers and summer sightseers following a five-year …

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If You Didn’t Record Your Ride, It Didn’t Happen: FitBit Announces New Fitness Trackers


Mountain Bikes! We love them. But if you’re riding without recording the fact that you rode, forget it. You might as well have stayed home. Ask any doctor, and they’ll tell you: unless it’s on the internet, it didn’t happen. A GPS trace isn’t enough, either. You also need at least one selfie and at …

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