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added by Guest on June 11, 2004
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Many trails to choose from with beginner to expert skill levels depending which trails you choose. It's best to hook up with a riding group that knows the area the first few time you are there. It's a huge riding area approx. 10miles in diameter of nothing but trails. You can check out the forums at http://www.HudsonValleyMTB.Com to hook up with a group there. Go to the "Find or post a group ride" forum and look for "Stewart Airport" or it's nickname "The Buffer Zone". The ride groups that post at this site know all of the really good trails as well.

Also for complete directions other than what I've posted you can check the same site http://www.HudsonValleyMTB.Com and go to "Places To Ride"

This is a type of ride area that once you've gone once...You'll want to go back again and again and again...
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kas107 on March 7, 2015
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Review: All around great place, comprised of mostly fast rolling trails, there a technical opportunities for the very aggressive experienced riders as well. Far more than ten miles of trails, closer to sixty total miles of available trails if not more with at least five points of access that I'm aware of. Also home to the NYSMTB series SOS race and Joe Fix It's Sloppy Joe fundraiser and many other races. Don't miss this destination, just look out for horse back riders and what they forget to bring home with them.

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@biker_bran on July 25, 2014
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Review: Stewart has everything. Basic carriage trails for beginners and intermediate and advanced trails for the rest of us. And its HUGE. Spend all day there, its worth it. Well maintained but be weary around hunting season.

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johnbro on March 20, 2014
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Review: Over the last year or so, they have added signage to many of the trails. There's a wide variety of riding that fits all levels; old, partially paved roads, gentle trails, and more serious single track. A few bridges, not much in the way of jumps, but just a huge area and number of trails. I've been riding there for years and am still finding new trails. One of my favorite trails: Orchard.

Similar Trail: 909 in Pleasant Valley, NY off the Taconic Parkway

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s.seary on May 22, 2012
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Review: Many different trails, lots of singletrack, some doubletrack. Most trails will lead to and cross through several of that main roads in the park. Bring a map to maintain some sort of direction or get completely lost in the place, either way it's a fun ride. Lots of quick-flowing singletrack, some hilly ascents, and lots of power ascents with very rewarding downhill.

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RoadWarrior on July 21, 2010
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Review: Dgilmour1 described the trail best. Just a lot of everything. Quick ride or all day epic. It's there, Some trails are signed, most not. A GPS is very helpful here, but not absolutely necessary as any of the old roads wiil eventualy get you out. Of course where you end up "out at" is another question. Stewart Forest is closed to all but hunters during the regular deer season. Nov 19- Dec 11 for 2011.

* Review edited 10/24/2011

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ac90002 on November 16, 2008
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Review: Nice flowing trails, next to no climbing & very few real challenges. Can be fun to whip through. Good area for new riders.

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Dgilmour1 on July 12, 2008
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Review: This place is absolutely great. Pack a lunch and spend the whole day riding on a complete variety of trails from wide open dirt roads, technical deep woods trails to screaming fast singletracks through the forest. This place has trails for riders of all skill levels. The scenery is amazing too with trails constantly opening up into serene settings of open fields, ponds, and swamps. Lots of wildlife everywhere as well. Have fun!

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earthly2 on June 24, 2006
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Review: A wonderful place to ride if you have a guide who knows the area otherwise its an unmarked series of trails that you want to go on but have no idea what lies ahead. Great rollers and lots of singletrack to be found for the adventerous out there. An all day ride is no problem in here if you have the knowledge of where you are, a GPS is a must if you don't.

Similar Trail: Ringwood Manor

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schleidh on May 4, 2006
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Review: An excellent trail with something for everyone. The basic 9-mile loop is on old roads that run through the Airport Buffer Lands. These roads have not been maintained in over 25 years. There is fast doubletrack, fast singletrack, tight technical singletrack with enough climbs and descents to keep it thrilling.

Similar Trail: Ringwood state park and Wawayanda state park in NJ. Goose Pond state park in Blooming Grove, NY

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wipp59 on April 4, 2006
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Review: something for everyone old roads and great single track you can ride after work or or spend a day off exploring

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Guest on July 30, 2004
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Stewart State Forest MTB Trail 4.45 out of 5 based on 11 ratings. 11 user reviews.
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