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added by Konijntje Granny Gear on July 24, 2007
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A very well maintained and well marked trail. There are four loops (1, 2, 3, 4) that begin and end in a common area. The trail is super fast with switchbacks, some technical sections, drops, climbs, and a few bridge and water crossings. The trail is a little over 4 miles and being added on to all the time.
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chetatkinsdiet on December 21, 2014
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Review: This trail system in the Southern part of Dallas is getting into the best terrain we have to offer. From here and further South, is where we have our only hilly terrain. It is taken advantage of here for sure with the tight, wooded runs being fairly fast. Again, not saying they're fast compared to Rocky Mountain trails or other mountainous areas, but for Dallas, they're fairly fast. Also, a bit more technical with multiple creek crossings, rocky hill climbs and descents. Add in the random roots to maneuver and if you're not paying attention, you're walking up some climbs that you might normally make...maybe walking down a few descents as well on your first few times until you scope out a good line or two. Again, not for the beginner, but a nice, tight intermediate trail system here that is about 10 minutes from downtown Dallas. Some complain about the neighborhood...it's not that bad. It's in an older industrial area and yes, there are things that go on here, but you want trails in urban areas, right? I'm fine here. But then again, I love Oak Cliff.

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chigby on January 28, 2014
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Review: This is not located in a very safe area. They built a parking lot, but still make sure you take your crappy car and lock it up. The trail starts off tame enough then you hit some steep drops and steep shortish climbs with lots of roots. It's not beginner friendly once you are into the woods, but it's still doable if you can overcome your fear of speed, cuz this trail system requires some quick descents to be able to climb the next hill. It's not as fun as say an Erwin Park with the flowy parts. It's like DORBA's ugly stepchild. I'd rate it Intermediate to advanced.

Similar Trail: Arbor Hills

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mobenw on February 1, 2013
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Review: Nice, flowy trail. No huge challenges technically or aerobic effort, but can have a good workout with effort. Real tight in spaces and not for the faint of heart (or utterly reckless).

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PlunjProtection on October 27, 2012
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Review: This is indeed a fun trail that is on the short and windy side--they pack a lot of trail into the area. I would rate at 3.5. I would not rate above Big Cedar or Cameron Park (as it is on the Texas list on the site), but it flows well and has enough elevation change for variety. There are a number of roots on some of the loops and portions that require focus, but there is nothing overly difficult out there.

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Pharmacopious on April 24, 2011
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Review: This is a very solid, although short, trail. For any intermediate+ rider, the terrain is challenging and varied. Do not take a newbie unless very athletic. My April ride was dry, not too hot not humid. The high winds of the day had no impact. On a Sunday I saw few riders, no hikers and only two bozos. The trail is laid out as one-directional singletrack, alternating direction on current days. There are options to change your distance and difficulty via loops that met and crisscross in the few open areas. The vast majority is in the woods and is quite tight so don't expect to catch big speed runs. Aerial enthusiasts will be disappointed with the lack of opportunities for air but it's still mighty fine...especially for a trail 12 minutes from downtown Dallas. I have ridden a lot of trails in north America and although far too small and monotypic to rank way up there, this one gets the local ease of access, technically challenging and general coolness nod.

Similar Trail: Pieces of Tyler State Park feel like this.

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GreenKona on January 2, 2010
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Review: This trail is 8 miles now and consists of Loops 1 thru 6 and 6.5(techical section). There are bypasses for the TTFs. Please contact trail steward for trail condition open/ closed. Please DONT RIDE MUDDY TRAILS in Dallas area, this hurts the trails with the soil here and hurts the relationship with property owners who allow us to use the trails. All trails are maintained by volunteers. This is a very popular trail and has been part of the dorba race series. enjoy.

Similar Trail: Big Cedar Wilderness Trails, Boulder Park

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cmosseller on June 22, 2009
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Review: great trail for this close to dallas. the trail used to be poorly marked was much better the last time i went. this trail also drains very well after a good rain compared with some others

Similar Trail: rowlett park

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bigwrecker on June 1, 2009
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Review: OCNP was a lot more fun than I had expected. Not knowing that there was some nice Technical sections, I got quite a few unexpected surprises on loops 4,5, and 6 I believe. Keep an eye out for the A-Frames over fallen trees. They have to be close to 4 ft. high with a 220 degree apex. They aren't really tough, they just get in your head if you aren't ready for it. Lots of nice little downhill launchers spread out amongst the course along with some more than decent short uphill challenges. There's even a section labeled "Technical Section" which I haven't explored yet. Quite a few of the open field sections have a nice 3-4 foot drop before heading back into the trees, so keep up some speed and enjoy. Even in the heat of the day, the sections closer to the creek are fairly cool. It is also nice how many of the trails meet up in central locations allowing you to tailor your riding experience by selecting which loops to run or repeat. I'll definitely become a regular here.

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rockhoppin76 on March 24, 2009
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Review: This singletrack is rockin! There are some pretty challenging sections, but the whole thing spells F. U. N!!

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OCNP - Oak Cliff Nature Preserve MTB Trail 4.00 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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