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Maah Daah Hey
Avg Rating: (4.10 out of 5) 11 trail reviews
Difficulty: Advanced bike trail - Advanced
Length: 100 miles Global Rank: #1355
Tread: Singletrack Configuration: Network
Ridden: 26 Wishlist: 43
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+13,300 // -13,100 feet
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This trail absolutely rocks!!! I rode the entire thing the summer of 2003 in an epic trip that lasted five days. Granted you do not have to ride the entire trail to enjoy the picturesque riding which includes high plateaus, drainages, gullies, washouts, prairie, and plenty of winding single track to connect it all. Throw some absolutely killer climbs and long decents in the mix and whalla!!! Thats the trail in a nutshell. Every aspect of riding in one epic journey. While the trail is not overly technical it is not heavily traveled and the views make up for the lack of extremely technical riding. Do not attempt to ride this trail if it wet. It takes about ten feet for the mud to build up so much that the tires dont roll and the bike becomes about 20 pounds heavier. I rode for five days in the middle of summer and only saw three other riders besides my riding buddies. Take plenty of water, spare tubes (there's lots of cactus), and be prepared for a nice long ride. ENJOY!!!!

added by Guest on November 5, 2004

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    Jason_Kahn on August 8, 2013
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    Review: I did this trail in 2002 and it was awesome! The only time I hit 40 mph on a trail. Great scenery and a real adventure. The only downside is you needed to shuttle everything they had, with few exceptions. Perhaps they have addressed that. Plus you get to see where Teddy R. made history and the only place I've seen wild horses.

    Similar Trail: Western Rim in Fruita, CO.

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    craig12383864 on May 12, 2012
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    Review: First things first. Finding the North end is not as hard as most of the directions you see. Go South from Watford City on Hwy 85 about 20 miles. When you cross the Little Missouri River going South turn right immedately on South end of bridge. Go 1/2 mile to trail head--road ends--can't miss it. That being said, ride this trail! You will love it, however, it is not Moab or Fruita. It's good but not as good as the above. Trail is a little rough in areas and a little hard to follow in other areas. Watch for the post with the 45 degree cut on the top. I rode the first 8 miles of this trail by myself--Not a great idea. It is remote and rugged. I carry a "SPOT" just in case. Highly recommended on this trail.

    * Review edited 5/12/2012

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    stumpyfsr on May 9, 2012
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    Review: If you have a mountain bike and wanna ride it off-road, Maah Daah Hey is the perfect place. This is not your everyday fast-rolling singletrack. Northern part is less ridden and you'll need to put double power to roll on that soft soil. Southern half is more compressed and miles going faster. I rode the whole thing from Bennett Camp to Medora in 4 days. No flats, no breakdowns except for chainsuck due to chain needed lube badly. Scenery is amazing, trail is not technical but challenging because of long climbs and unpredictable weather. If its wet, its not ridable. Wind could be so strong that it's almost impossible to ride. Lots of wildlife to watch. And navigation is easy from post to post. Some parts of trail was washed out, which is probably normal for this rainy period. It was physically and mentally tough solo trip for me but memories will last forever. I will ride it again with lighter gear for sure. And thanks Loran and Jennifer from Dakota Cyclery for help and support. A must ride for everyone

    Similar Trail: Nothing similar, but scenery reminds me Fruita a little bit

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    nespencer on September 28, 2011
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    Review: This trail was definitely not built for, nor made for, mountain biking. It is extremely narrow and all of us hit both sides with our pedals. Instead, we had to make our own trail by riding on the grass on either side of the trail, which is not the eco-friendly thing to do. The climbs were mostly easy and not a lot of aerobic capacity is needed. We had fun apres-ride but the trail was very difficult, not fun, scary for some, and I cannot recommend it. Dakota Cyclery did a great job of transporting our gear from place to place. The only good thing about this trail (not even part of the trail) was the Buffalo Gap trail-LOTS of fun.

    * Review edited 9/28/2011

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    atomica67 on June 27, 2010
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    Review: 100 miles of single track through the North Dakota Badlands. Sweeping vistas, canyons and plateaus.
    Bring water and slime tubes or self healing tire systems. Be aware that it is illegal to ride through the National Grasslands (theodore roosevelt grasslands)

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    drdiederich on December 23, 2009
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    Review: Fantastic trail, one of the best experiences of my biking career. Did it with my brother and hired Dakota Cyclery in Medora, ND to move a trailer every day for us so all we had to do was ride with enough food and water for the day. Did the whole thing in 3 days of hard riding. Great scenery: prairie dog cities, bluffs, oil wells, cattle, just an amazing experience. Though I recommend not doing starting it when its over 100 degrees outside like we did, it makes it hard to drink enough water!

    * Review edited 12/24/2009

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    brgstrm on November 3, 2009
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    Review: Everything in the previous reviews are correct. Awesome ride for sure. I did this in Sept. with a large group of mixed abilities. 5 days of riding and covered over 100 miles. Below average fitness or little riding experience will force you to be in the saddle 6-8 hours per day if you do the whole trail as I did. Many people in that situation will not enjoy the scenery or the overall experience.

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    el_cap on August 8, 2009
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    Review: Just returned from a 4 day trip. Started @ the bennett campground and rode the cottonwood trail to the main maah dah hey trail. This 7 mile section was hardly ridden as you almost had to bushwack parts of the trail. The toughest part of the trail due to lots of climbing and the poor trail condition: it was either bushwacking or really hard/not flat trail. Rode to magpie the 1st day (25 miles), then to Elkhorn (20 miles, my favorite), to wannigan (22 miles) and on the last day due to rain, we drove to buffalo gap and made the ride shorter (12 miles) for a total of 79 miles in 4 days. Not overly technical but be prepared for a fair amount of short climbing. The trail isn't ridden a lot so its not in great condition; grass overgrowing, hard ground, not flat, tons of cow pie, which made moving slower but scenery was good. Only saw 1 other the 1st day about 30 minutes into the ride. Saw no one else in the campgrounds either. Great ride, the only downside is trail conditions.

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    skibum on October 7, 2007
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    Review: This place is really astonishing considering you're in the middle of thousands of square miles of completely flat terrain. The badlands provide an oasis of scenery and vertical relief in an otherwise endlessly bland expanse. There are even some great, sustained climbs. Being prairie, however, there's no rocks and nothing more technical than an occasional switchback. The scenery's great if you like erosion and the singletrack can be fun, especially if you like dodging cowpies. Parts of the trail are VERY remote, so be self sufficient--bring plenty of food, water, and know how to fix a flat (lots of cactus). There's no cover; you're exposed to the sun at all times, so beware of hot days.

    Similar Trail: There's nothing else in the area.

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    Redding on September 26, 2005
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    Review: This trail is incredible! 5 others and I went to see what it was all about and we were astounded! In a nutshell; 6 guys, 3 days, 68 miles, unbelievable scenery, fast downhills, painful climbs, 1 flat tire and pretzled rim, 13 total "countable" biffs, no major injuries, and an outstanding experience. We all plan to try the 5 day - 98 mile trip in 2006. There will be some photos posted soon. Try it - but make sure that you are in shape and don't donate blood 2 days before you go. (really stupid mistake!)

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    Guest on September 26, 2005
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    Review: This Trail is unbelievable! Every aspect of mountain biking is fully realized throughout this epic trail. 5 others and I went to see what it was all about, and found that it is about serious biking. 3 days, 68 miles, good weather, awesome downhills, painful climbs, and some of the most challenging singletrack you have ever experienced. Not extremely technical, but will test your ability to stay in the middle of the trail. If you don't you will eventually meet mother earth! Outstanding!!

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