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Kennebec Pass
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Tread: Singletrack Configuration: Shuttle
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From trail head, 26 miles single track along the Colorado trail back to the trail head. The trail starts at over 11,000 feet on a ridge above treeline, and then goes downhill for a good 15 miles or so before a 1000 foot climb out, ending in another long downhill. EPIC RIDE

added by DurangoMtBikeTours Gnarly on October 12, 2011

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DurangoMtBikeTours on October 12, 2011
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Review: This is an EPIC trail. If you are going to shuttle, drop a car off in town and and then drive up La Plata Canyon Rd and look for a parking area on the right about a mile after the pavement ends. Ride up the 4x4 rd another 10 miles. At the top you will have tremendous views of the La Plata, La Salle, and San Juan Mountains. it is 26 miles single track along the Colorado Trail back to Junction Creek trail head, and another 4 miles into Durango. The trail starts at the top of the La Plata Mountains along a rocky ridge above treeline, and blasts downhill for 15 miles or more through wild flowers, pines, a variety of terrains, before some climbing. There is a good 1000 foot climb out before another screaming, long downhill out. Ride it as a loop from town and you are looking at 65 miles with 5000 feet or more elevation gain.

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