Allatoona Dam

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added by TrailAPI Epic on May 3, 2013
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Start on the pavement at the first gated road. You will pass a picnic shelter and volleyball court. Continue around the next gated road onto the gravel. The right fork leads to some washed out doubletrack and a lot of uphills if you can find your way to the singletrack. The left fork on the gravel road goes up up up, but there is a motherload of trails up here going every which direction. One can easily get lost out here but thats just part of the fun.
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Guest on August 15, 2008
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Review: Just up that way a few months ago and find this MTB trail CLOSED. It will be sorely missed as all the others I found to be CLOSED on my MTB trip up their.

Similar Trail: Too many to post, but Alafia & Santos are the bomb!

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sandm96 on September 27, 2006
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Review: These trails are no more, but across the river, at Cooper's furnace, there is a pretty good climb that you can connect with the Pine Mountain trail for a hefty ride full of climbing and descending. See the reviews for Cooper's Furnace and Pine Mountain Recreation Area

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R3 on September 10, 2006
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Review: This trail doesn't exist anymore due to development. It was a good short ride when it was around.

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Guest on December 31, 1969
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Review: all these trails are now on private land except for the trails that start by bethany bridge andcontinue around the lake. i talked to the attendant that runs the park by the dam and he said the property is owned by mci and the person who watches the property is tempramental. i am looking for any trails in the emerson area and info on trails off sixes rd near canton. thanks

Similar Trail: try the trails at coopers furnace. very slippery when wet but allot of killer clmbing and rocky downhills. start by the little bridge as you enter the trail starts to the left. go up the high tension wires and take a right.

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Allatoona Dam MTB Trail 3.00 out of 5 based on 4 ratings. 4 user reviews.
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