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on 4/6/14 by mthorslund
Discovery Park
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Difficulty: Easiest bike trail - Easiest
Length: 12 miles Global Rank: #1774
Tread: Other Configuration: Network
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Open from 6 a.m. - 11 p.m., Discovery Park is a 534 acre natural area, and is the largest city park in Seattle.

Discovery Park, situated on Magnolia Bluff and overlooking the Puget Sound, is a perfect place to get out in nature. There is a total of 11.8 miles of trail running through this park. Trails take visitors through meadows, forests, and wetlands, and offer beautiful views of the surrounding Seattle area.

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rodneylbrownjr on April 5, 2014
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Review: No biking.

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ryanbigby on February 8, 2014
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Review: Great trail walk. Or jog. Not sure if there's biking or not.

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