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The stem connects the steerer tube of the fork to the handlebars. While it's a small piece, the stem cannot be overlooked. A stem's drop, rise, and length will all affect how a mountain bike handles.

In the mountain biking world, stems are a point of some controversy between the bike fitters and the aggressive bike handlers. Many bike fitters view the stem as a cockpit component that allows them to achieve perfect fit on the mountain bike. However, bike skills coaches and aggressive riders claim that the stem is a handling-related component and not a fit-related component. Most riders that are concerned with fit generally run rather long stems, while most riders who are concerned with handling generally run shorter stems.

Product NamePriceRating
Zoom TDS-80 Adjustable Stem 47.00
Answer -One 70.00
Answer DH Stem
Answer DJ 72.00
Answer Rove AM
Answer Rove XC 80.00
Azonic Shorty 35.00
Bontrager Big Earl Freeride 31.8 64.99
Bontrager Race 25.4 54.99
Bontrager Rhythm 31.8 99.99
Cannondale 50mm
Connect 60mm
Crank Brothers Crank Brothers Iodine 2 40.00
Diamondback DB AL6061 Ahead 7 31.8mm
Easton EA30 32.00
Easton EA50
Easton EA70 80.00
Easton Haven 105.00
Easton Haven 35 Stem 90.00
Easton Havoc 35 - 50mm
Easton Havoc Bolt-on 90.00
Easton Havoc DH 85.00
Easton Vice AM 53.00
Funn Serial Killa 80.00
Funn Serial Rippa 50.00
Giant Contact AM Stem 90.00
Giant Giant Connect 100mm 25.00
Hope DH 130.00
Kalloy Uno ASA-105 Carbon
Kind Shock Ether Stem
Kore Direct Mount Marzocchi 888
Kore Repute Stem 59.99
Loaded Precision AmX Direct Mount 90.00
Loaded Precision AMXC Stem 79.99
Niner RDO 80mm / Red
Ns Bikes Quark Pro 90.00
Nukeproof Warhead Boxxer 100.00
Origin-8 Pro Pulsion Alloy Ergo Stem - /-8 Black, 100 x 25.4mm
Point One Racing Split-Second (DM) 129.00
Race Face Atlas 35mm 85.00
Race Face Atlas AM 80.00
Race Face Atlas FR Direct Mount
Race Face D2
Race Face Deus XC 85.00
Race Face Diablo
Race Face diabolus
Race Face Evolve DH 40.00
Race Face Evolve Sterling
Race Face Evolve XC 40.00
Race Face Respond 56.66
Race Face Ride 29.99
Race Face Ride Stem 25.98
Ritchey Pro 4AXIS 44 79.95
Ritchey WCS 4 Axis 89.95
Ritchey WCS 4-Axis 73D 99.95
Ritchey WCS C260 120.00
Rove AM Stem 75.00
Salsa Pro Moto 1
Salsa Pro Moto 2
Scott HL TDS-D345A-8
Sette Venn 12.98
Spank Oozy Stem 98.99
Spank Spike Race Stem 69.00
Spank Tweet Tweet Stem 40.00
Specialized DH Stem
Specialized Pro-Set 2 31.8mm MTB Stem 40.00
Specialized XC
Sunline Boxxer Direct Mount 99.95
Sunline V-One AM 89.95
Syncros FL 7075 Stem
Thomson ?
Thomson Elite Stem
Thomson Elite X4 90.00
Titec HellBent RIP ProLite
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