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The drivetrain is a fundamental part of every mountain bike, since it's the part of the bike that provides all of the power. The drivetrain turns the rear wheel, thus propelling the rider forward. There are two primary types of mountain bike drivetrain-- singlespeed and geared--but there are many variations on those two different types of drivetrains.

Singlespeed drivetrains only have one speed. Most singlespeed setups feature a chain and reinforced metal gears, but some singlespeed bikes utilize a belt drive system, such as the Gates Carbon Drive. A carbon belt tends to last much longer and require less maintenance than a chain, but a belt drive system requires a separation in the rear triangle to lace the belt through the frame.

Geared drivetrains come in all different shapes and sizes. Historically, most drivetrains have been either 3x7, 3x8, or 3x9. Some people would convert their drivetrains to 1-by systems, turning them into setups such as a 1x9. Nowadays, however, most drivetrains are 10-speed systems. While there are 3x10 drivetrains around, many 10-speed drivetrains are 2x10 systems, which eliminate the hassle of cross chaining. Both Shimano and SRAM sell 2x10 drivetrains. While some people have converted to a 1x10 system, SRAM's dedicated 1x11 drivetrain system has taken the mountain biking industry by storm. By dedicating their 11-speed system to a 1-by setup, SRAM has been able to provide numerous advantages, such as eliminating chain drops and chain slap (thanks in part to clutch-style derailleurs), reduced complexity, and reduced weight.

Key mountain bike drivetrain components generally include a rear derailleur, a front derailleur, cranks and chain rings (also known as a crankset), a cassette, shifters, and a chain. Other drivetrain components include derailleur cables, bashguard, bottom brackets, a chain guide, a chain stay guard, and geared hubs.

Product NamePriceRating
Avid Rollamajig
Bionicon C.Guide V.02
Blackspire C4 Super God Bash Guard 34.00
Bontrager Earl 110.00
Chris King Bottom Bracket
cSixx Chainstay Protector 24.00
cSixx XC Guide 180.00
e*thirteen 32 Special
e*thirteen Guidering 32 tooth 50.00
e*thirteen LG1+
e*thirteen SRS+
e*thirteen STS
e*thirteen SuperCharger
e*thirteen XCX 50.00
e*thirteen XCX Single Speed 300.00
e*thirteen XCX Triple 320.00
FSA Moto X 149.95
Gamut Dual Ring Chain Guide 140.00
Gamut P20 139.99
Hope Bottom Bracket
Jagwire Hyper DIY Derailleur Cable Kit 15.83
Jagwire Ripcord Derailleur Kits
KMC Missing Link 10 speed
KMC Missing Link 9 speed 10.19
KMC X10 SL 60.00
KMC X9.99 40.00
MRP AMG 105.00
MRP G2 150.00
MRP Mini G2
MRP XCG 35.00
Race Face Atlas 300.00
Race Face Atlas FR
Race Face Evolve DH X-Type
Race Face Evolve FR 45.00
Race Face Narrow Wide 44.99
Race Face Race Face 104mm Single Chain Ring - 30T 42.31
Race Face Race Face Next LP
Race Face Race Face Single Ring Chainring, Red, 38 Tooth, 104Mm 36.00
Race Face Respond 160.00
Race Face SIXC
Race Face Turbine 2x10 320.00
Race Face Turbine SL 2x10
Race Face Turbine Triple
Race Face Turbine X-Type
Race Face X-Type Race XC
RD-M786 (XT Shadow Plus ) 140.00
Shimano BB-M980 30.00
Shimano CS-M980 280.00
Shimano Deore XT FD 770 top pull
Shimano Deore XT M780 Shadow
Shimano Deore XT M780, 10 speed
Shimano DuraAce/XTR CN-7701 9sp Chain
Shimano Dyna Sys SLX CN-HG74 34.99
Shimano HG-61 11-32
Shimano HG61 12-36 75.00
Shimano M542
Shimano M985
Shimano Saint Bashguard
Shimano Saint Bottom Bracket 54.00
Shimano Shimano BB-M952
Shimano Shimano Deore M591 10 Speed
Shimano Shimano XTR MTB Shifter
Shimano SLX HG81-10 11-36, 10 speed
Shimano XTR 60.00
Shimano XTR
Shimano XTR 970 Rapid Rise Rear
Shimano XTR Hollowtech II
Shimano XTR M980
Shimano xtr m985 shadow plus 289.00
Shimano Zee Rear Derailleur 109.90
Shimano Zee Shifter 49.99
Specialized Specialized Specialized Standard Tube 26"x1.5/2.2 (Presta) 7.99
SRAM 7-Speed PowerGlide II (PG-730)
SRAM 7/6/5/1-Speed Chain (PC-10)
SRAM 8-Speed PowerChain II (PC-890)
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