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Derailleurs are one of the most complex components on a mountain bike. The derailleur "derails" the chain, allowing the rider to shift the chain from gear to gear by use of the handlebar-mounted shifters.

While front derailleurs are beginning to fall out of use thanks to the increasing popularity of SRAM's 1x11 drivetrain and other 1-by conversions, many mountain bikes still feature front derailleurs. The front derailleur changes the front chain ring gears.

The rear derailleur is a point of constant refinement in the mountain bike industry. In recent years, perhaps the most important advancement is the proliferation of clutch-style derailleurs. The "clutch" puts additional tension on the chain, which consequently helps reduce chain slap and keeps the chain from jumping into the incorrect gear.

Product NamePriceRating
* No Front Derailleur
Avid Rollamajig
None N/A
North Shore Billet Precision CNC Machined Derailleur Hangers
RD-M786 (XT Shadow Plus ) 140.00
Shimano 105
Shimano 105 Short cage rear derailleur
Shimano Acera
Shimano Acera FD M360 Triple Front Derailleur 16.00
Shimano Acera M360 7-8 Speed Rear Mech 22.00
Shimano Alivio
Shimano Alivio FD-M412 19.99
Shimano Alivio FD-M413
Shimano Altus FD-M191 Mountain Front Derailleur - 7sp 10.00
Shimano Altus Mountain Bike Rear Derailleur - Direct Mount - RDM310 18.46
Shimano Deore FD-M531 35.00
Shimano Deore Front Derailleur
Shimano Deore LX m581 FD
Shimano Deore RD-M591
Shimano Deore Rear Derailleur 9 Speed 60.00
Shimano Deore XT FD 770 top pull
Shimano Deore XT M-771 Front Derailleur 80.00
Shimano Deore XT M-772 SGS SHADOW 120.00
Shimano Deore XT M780 Shadow
Shimano Deore XT M786 Shadow Plus 119.90
Shimano Deore XT RD-M772 110.00
Shimano Deore XT Shadow Plus
Shimano Deore XT, direct mount
Shimano FD-CO50 21.79
Shimano M-580 LX
Shimano M611 (Deore) 10 spd 40.00
Shimano M675 SGS (SLX) Shadow Plus (Rear) 100.00
Shimano M985
Shimano RD XT M781
Shimano Saint M810 190.00
Shimano Saint RD-M820
Shimano Shimano Acera SGS 8spd
Shimano Shimano Altus dual pull, top swing, 34.9
Shimano Shimano Deore XT RD-M786 SGS Shadow 80.00
Shimano Shimano RD M781
Shimano Shimano XT M770 E-Type 9sp Front Mech 56.00
Shimano Shimano XT M786 GS Shadow
Shimano SIS 15.00
Shimano SLX Dyna-Sys - FD-M671
Shimano SLX FD-M660
Shimano SLX FD-M661-10 Front Derailleur Gray, Dual Pull, Down Swing 30.00
Shimano SLX M662 50.00
Shimano SLX RD-M662-GS
Shimano SLX RD-M663
Shimano tourney 20.00
Shimano Tourney TX35 13.00
Shimano XT FD M785 37.00
Shimano XT FD-M781
Shimano XT Front 100.00
Shimano XT M772 Shadow 9spd derailleur
Shimano XT Rd-751
Shimano XT RD-M761 SGS 75.00
Shimano XTR
Shimano XTR 970 Rapid Rise Rear
Shimano XTR m960
Shimano XTR M980
Shimano xtr m985 shadow plus 289.00
Shimano XTR M986 Rear Derailleur 269.00
Shimano Zee Rear Derailleur 109.90
SixSixOne 105 Short cage rear derailleur
SRAM Sram 5.0
SRAM X Gen 15.00
SRAM X0 Front Derailleur (10-spd)
SRAM X0 Rear Derailleur
SRAM X0 Rear Derailleur (10-spd)
SRAM X01 11-speed X-Horizon
SRAM X01 DH 7 Speed X-HORIZON Rear Derailleur 277.00
SRAM X4 Rear Derailleur 20.79
SRAM X5 Front Derailleur 22.99
SRAM X5 Rear Derailleur 45.84
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