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The components that make up the cockpit of a mountain bike are crucial, as they integrally affect the way a bike fits, handles, and performs. This category of mountain bike gear includes three of the five main bike contact points.

The handlebars, grips, bar ends, and stem comprise the actual front cockpit, but the saddle and the seatpost work together to form another crucial contact point on the bike.

Cockpit components are available in a variety of different materials, including aluminum, carbon, and titanium. Some of the best cockpit components are made of carbon, which is very light and can help damp the vibrations coming from the trail. Titanium lasts a long time and also helps damp vibration, but it is much heavier than both carbon and aluminum. While aluminum is lighter than titanium, it is much stiffer and harsher than ti or carbon. However, aluminum is generally the most affordable material.

Product NamePriceRating
Zoom TDS-80 Adjustable Stem 47.00
Answer -One 70.00
Answer Alumilite 50mm Riser
Answer Carbon 780 180.00
Answer DH Stem
Answer DJ 72.00
Answer ProTAPER AM 720 60.00
Answer ProTAPER DH 780 65.00
Answer Rove AM
Avenir 100 Series Mountain Saddle 18.00
Bontrager Comfort Gel CRZ 40.00
Bontrager Earl 25.00
Bontrager Earl Riser 31.8 49.99
Bontrager Evoke 3
Bontrager Nebula Plus WSD 60.00
Bontrager Race OS Bar Ends 29.99
Bontrager Race Saddle
Brooks B17 Narrow 110.00
Cane Creek 100 Threadless Headset 100.00
Cane Creek Double X Headset 102.74
Cane Creek ZS-6 Zero Stack Headset 90.00
Charge Spoon 30.00
Chris King InSet
Chris King NOThreadSet 159.99
Chromag Overture
Cobb Plus DRT 150.00
Crank Brothers Cobalt 11 Bars 120.00
Crank Brothers Cobalt 2 Bar 50.00
Crank Brothers Cobalt 3 Bar 80.00
Deity Dirty 30 70.00
Easton Easton Lock-on grips 25.00
Easton EC70 130.00
Easton EC70 Wide 120.00
Easton Haven 105.00
Easton Haven 35 Carbon 160.00
Easton Haven 35 Stem 90.00
Easton Haven Carbon 160.00
Easton Haven Carbon 140.00
Easton Havoc 75.00
Easton Havoc Bolt-on 90.00
Easton Havoc Carbon 150.00
Easton Havoc DH 85.00
Easton MonkeyLite DH 150.00
Easton Monkeylite SL Composite 139.00
Easton Monkeylite XC 100.00
Ergon GP-5
Ergon GR2 Leichtbau Carbon
Ergon GS2 60.00
Ergon GX2 Leichtbau Carbon
ESI Racer's Edge 16.99
FSA Gravity
FSA Gravity Light
FSA Orbit Extreme Pro 1.5
FSA Orbit IS-2 CC 50.00
FSA Pig DH Pro Headset 50.00
Funn Fatboy
Funn Funn Full On
Giant Contact seat post 200.00
Giant Contact SLR Carbon Trail Riser 140.00
Giant Contact Switch Remote Seatpost 250.00
Guizzo HBC-200L 129.95
Hope DH 130.00
Hope QR Seatclamp Black 35.60
Ism Adamo Peak 185.00
Kind Shock ETen 175.00
Kind Shock KSP-850
Kind Shock LEV 125MM
Kore Direct Mount Marzocchi 888
Kore Repute Stem 59.99
Kore Torsion Race 35 64.93
Lizard Skins Lizard Skins DSP Grip 30.3mm
Lizard Skins Lock-On Charger
Loaded Precision AmX Direct Mount 90.00
Loaded Precision AMXC Stem 79.99
Loaded Precision Xlite SIT Headset 139.00
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