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The chain is one of the most iconic parts of the bicycle, as it connects the crankset to the cassette and the rear wheel, providing all of the power to create forward motion. Without the chain, a mountain bike just won't move. While some bikes are now using belts for propulsion, the chain is by far the most popular type of drivetrain.

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Cutter 9-Speed Chain Generic Chain KMC 9-Speed KMC K10L-CP KMC KMC SL10 Chain
KMC KMC X8 KMC Missing Link 10 speed KMC Missing Link 9 speed KMC X10 Light KMC X10 SL
KMC X10.93 KMC X9.93 KMC X9.99 KMC X9SL-TI 9 Speed KMC Z-72 8 Speed
KMC Z-99 KMC Z7 Shimano CN-HG73 LX 9-Spd Shimano DuraAce/XTR CN-7701 9sp Chain Shimano Dyna Sys SLX CN-HG74
Shimano HG 73 Shimano HG 75 10spd Shimano HG 95 Shimano HG-93 9SP Shimano HG-X
Shimano IG31 Shimano Shimano XT HG94 Shimano Shimano, 1/2 x 3/32" Shimano XT CN-HG93 Shimano XTR
Shimano XTR M981 Sil-Tec SRAM 7/6/5/1-Speed Chain (PC-10) SRAM 8-Speed PowerChain II (PC- 830) SRAM 8-Speed PowerChain II (PC-850) SRAM 8-Speed PowerChain II (PC-870)
SRAM 8-Speed PowerChain II (PC-890) SRAM 9-Speed PowerChain II (PC-991 CrossStep) SRAM 9-Speed PowerChain II (PC-991 HollowPin) SRAM 9-Speed PowerChain II (PC-991) SRAM PC 1071 10-speed
SRAM PC-1091 10-speed SRAM PC-1091R SRAM PC-951 9spd SRAM PC-971 SRAM PC830
SRAM PG-1031 10-speed SRAM PG-1051 10-speed SRAM PG-951 SRAM Powerlock Quick Link SRAM single speed chain PC-1
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