Chain Guide Mountain Bike Reviews

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A chain guide is designed to keep the chain in the correct gear, even when the mountain bike is bouncing around in rough terrain. Chain guides come in all different shapes and sizes, but they all serve the same purpose.

However, the advent of clutch-style rear derailleurs has made chain guides all but obsolete on newer drivetrains. Some gravity riders still tend to use them even in conjunction with a clutch-style rear derailleur, however.

Product NamePriceRating
Bionicon C.Guide V.02
cSixx XC Guide 180.00
e*thirteen 32 Special
e*thirteen LG1+
e*thirteen SRS+
e*thirteen STS
e*thirteen XCX 50.00
Gamut Dual Ring Chain Guide 140.00
Gamut P20 139.99
MRP AMG 105.00
MRP Mini G2
Truvativ ShiftGuide Team
Blackspire Stinger 35.00
MRP 1.X Guide 100.00
MRP Micro
FSA Gravity
e*thirteen LS1 FS 85.00
Blackspire Dewlie
Blackspire Dewlie C4
Blackspire DewLite
Blackspire DS-1
Blackspire DSX C4
Blackspire KM-1
Blackspire NS-1
Blackspire NSX
Blackspire NSX C4
cSixx 150gm 200.00
e*thirteen LG1
e*thirteen LG1+ 150.00
e*thirteen SS
Gamut G25 119.99
Gamut G45 129.99
Gamut P40 149.99
MRP G3 150.00
STRAITLINE Silent Guide 179.00
Transition TBC Chain Guide
Truvativ Boxguide 65.00

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