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The cassette of a mountain bike is the assembly of small gears, individually referred to as "cogs," that is mounted onto the freehub on the rear wheel. Riding with the chain on a larger cog results in an easier ride, and riding with the chain on a smaller cog results in a harder ride.

The number of cogs on your cassette depends on the drivetrain you're using, with most cassettes running 9, 10, or 11 cogs.

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16t cog Chris King Stainless Steel 18t Oneup Components OneUp Components 42T Sprocket PG-1030 Shimano 15t cassette cog
Shimano 8-SPEED 11-34T Shimano CS-HF30-81 Shimano CS-HG-62 11-32 Shimano CS-HG20 11-34T 9speed Shimano CS-HG80
Shimano CS-M980 Shimano Deore XT M770 Shimano HG 50 Shimano HG-40 11-32T Shimano HG-61 11-32
Shimano HG-62 11-36 10speed Shimano HG20 11x34 - 9 speed Shimano HG30 Shimano HG31 Shimano HG41 8 Speed Cassette
Shimano HG61 11-34T Shimano HG61 12-36 Shimano HG81-10 Shimano MF-Z012 Freewheel Shimano Nexave HG-50
Shimano PG-970 Shimano SHIMANO CS HG 61 Shimano Shimano CS-HG20-9 Shimano Shimano HG200 Shimano Shimano HG61 11-34T
Shimano Shimano HG62 Shimano Shimano M771 XT 10 Speed Shimano SLX HG81-10 11-36, 10 speed Shimano TZ31 13-34, 7 speed Shimano Ultegra 11-28
Shimano XT CS-M771 Shimano XT CS-M771-10 Shimano XTR SRAM 11-36t 10 speed SRAM 7-Speed PowerGlide II (PG-730)
SRAM 8-Speed PowerGlide II (PG-830) SRAM 8-Speed PowerGlide II (PG-850) SRAM 9 Speed Powerglide II SRAM 9-Speed PowerGlide II (PG-950) SRAM 9-Speed PowerGlide II (PG-970)
SRAM 9-Speed PowerGlide II (PG-970DH) SRAM 9-Speed PowerGlide II (PG-980) Sram PG -1070 SRAM PG 950 SRAM PG-1030
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