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While many different companies and manufacturers produce mountain bike brakes, there are just a few main types: rim brakes, mechanical disc brakes, and hydraulic disk brakes.

Rim brakes, including Y-brakes and cantilever brakes, are an older style of brake that is no longer found on new mountain bikes today. You may find still find them on cyclocross bikes and road bikes, but even in those applications rim brakes are being replaced by disc brakes However, many older mountain bikes still run these brakes, and perform fine. Almost all rim brakes are mechanical, meaning they are cable-actuated.

The most affordable type of mountain bike disc brake is a mechanical brake. These brakes are cable-actuated, and are much easier to service and maintain than hydraulic disc brakes.

While mechanical brakes are more affordable, hydraulic disc brakes are the most popular, and are generally considered to be the best. Hydraulic brakes, sometimes referred to as "hydros," can provide more stopping power, as well as better modulation than mechanical brakes.

Popular brake manufacturers include Avid, Shimano, Formula, Magura, and Hayes. When researching your next brake purchase, it's also a good idea to examine the best brake cables, brake hoses and fittings, brake levers, brake calipers, brake rotors, and brake pads.

Product NamePriceRating
Promax DSK-400
3D Racing braks 100.00
Alligator Wind Cutters/ Seration
Ashima Airotor
Avid 2012 Avid Elixir 1 Hydraulic Disc Brake
Avid Avid G2CS
Avid BB5 120.00
Avid BB7 90.00
Avid Clean Sweep
Avid Code Disc Brake 230.95
Avid CPS
Avid Disk Brake Bleed Kit
Avid Elixir 1 120.00
Avid Elixir 3
Avid Elixir 4
Avid Elixir 5
Avid Elixir 9
Avid Elixir 90 XM
Avid Elixir CR 159.00
Avid Elixir CR (X9) 209.00
Avid Elixir R 130.00
Avid Elixr 5 125.00
Avid FR-5 10.00
Avid G2 Clean Sweep Rotor 45.00
Avid HS-1 Rotor 40.00
Avid Juicey Three 102.00
Avid Juicy 3.5
Avid Juicy 5
Avid Juicy 7 160.00
Avid Juicy Carbon
Avid Juicy Three
Avid Juicy Ultimate 500.00
Avid Roundagon 24.00
Avid Single Digit 7
Avid Speed Dial 7 28.00
Avid SRAM Avid Elixir X0 X.0 XO Hydraulic Disc 199.00
Avid X0 245.00
Avid X0 Trail 310.00
Avid XX 370.00
Coda CODA Expert linear-pull brakes, Avid SD-1.9 L levers
Dirty Dog Web Rotor 38.95
DT Swiss DT Swiss HWZXXX00S1588S Centerlock Center Lock to 6 bolt disc brake hub adapter 40.00
Ebcm EBC 180mm Rotor upgrade - MTBD 160-203M
Elixir 3 45.00
Elixir 7
Formula B4
Formula C1 159.00
Formula Oro k24 266.00
Formula R1 330.00
Formula RX
Formula The One 330.90
Genesis 29er
GT outpost
Hayes Dyno Comp
Hayes Hayes MX-5 Mechanical Disc Brake 39.99
Hayes hayes prime pro
Hayes Hayes Stroker Ryde
Hayes HFX 9 XC
Hayes HFX Mag
Hayes MX2
Hayes MX3
Hayes MX4
Hayes nine
Hayes Prime 198.00
Hayes Prime Comp 130.00
Hayes Sole
Hayes Stroker Ace 232.00
Hayes Stroker Carbon
Hayes Stroker Gram 275.00
Hayes Stroker Ryde 190.00
Hayes Stroker Trail 230.00
Hayes V6 Rotor
Hayes V7 Rotor
Hayes V8 Rotor
Hope Floating Rotor 50.00
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