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Perhaps the most important electronic development to impact the sport of mountain biking is the smartphone. Smartphones are quickly replacing dedicated GPS units, dedicated cameras, and other mobile music devices. Consequently, there are numerous GPS-enabled apps that allow you to track your mountain biking activities and navigate trail maps.

While there are numerous activity-tracking apps, Strava is probably the most popular. Other popular fitness apps include Runtastic Mountain Bike Pro, Map My Ride, Orux, and Endomondo. For on-trail navigation, Singletracks's own Singletracks Topo app brings on-trail navigation and the largest mountain bike trail map database in the world to the convenience of your Apple or Android phone.

Product NamePriceRating
Garmin Base Camp
Imba International MountainBike Magazine App
Map My Tracks 2.00
Maprika Gps on any map
Rhapsody International Rhapsody 10.00
Striking Web, Inc. MTB Trails
TopoFusion 40.00
Runtastic Mountain bike
Singletracks App
EveryTrail Pro 3.99
Frostfire Digital MTB skills
Garmin Mapsource TOPO US 116.65
Garmin Training Center
National Geographic All Trails
Piotr Potulski Move! Bike computer
GoPro GoPro App
Move! Bike Computer for Android
Cool Apps Mountain Biking for Android
Activbeacon ActivBeacon
Bike Doctor 2.99
Endomondo Sports Tracking App
Fullpower Motion X GPS
Map My Fitness Inc Map My Ride
MTB Strength Training System Online Gym & Coaching 97.00

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