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Trail NameCityRatingLengthDifficultyTopo Map
196 Stovepipe Canyon Whitefish 2
Airport Road Ditches Kalispell 7 Beginner bike trail
Ashley Divide Trail #289 Kalispell 6
Ashley Mtn Trail #310 Kalispell 6
Beardance Bigfork 15 Advanced bike trail
Big Mtn Whitefish 8 Intermediate bike trail
Bigfork Ditch Loop Bigfork 15 Beginner bike trail
Bill Creek / Trail 800 Whitefish 10 Advanced bike trail
Blacktail Mountain Road Lakeside 36 Intermediate bike trail
Boney Gulch Trail #801 Whitefish 3
Broken Leg Divide Trail #353 Bigfork 3 Intermediate bike trail
Columbia Mtn. Loop Trail #51 Columbia Falls 13
Crane Creek Trail #314 Bigfork 2
Echo Lake Logging Roads Bigfork 10 Intermediate bike trail
Griffin Creek Trail #480 Kalispell 4
Herron Park/foys To Blacktail Trail Kalispell 30 Intermediate bike trail
Highway 206 Ditches Columbia Falls 20
Horse Trails And Logging Roads Near Strawberry Lake Bigfork 30 Intermediate bike trail
Jewel Basin Road Bigfork 16 Intermediate bike trail
Johnson Peak/Trixie Pass Whitefish 7 Intermediate bike trail
Lone Pine State Park Kalispell 3 Intermediate bike trail
Lupine Lake Trail #210 (NRT) Kalispell 3
Old Bigfork Canyon Road Bigfork 4 Easiest bike trail
Peters Ridge Trail #37 Bigfork 3
Peterson Creek Trail #293 Bigfork 6
Phillips Trail #373 Bigfork 4
Pig Farm Whitefish 30 Intermediate bike trail
Reid Divide Fire Road Loop Whitefish 28
Reid Divide/trail #800 To Trail #801 Whitefish 20 Advanced bike trail
Road 5388 Bigfork 12 Intermediate bike trail
Round Meadows Trail System Whitefish 12
Runaway Train Trail #815 Whitefish 3 Advanced bike trail
Sanders Mountain Trail #172 Whitefish 11
Skyles Lake Parking Lot Whitefish 0
Smokey Range Nrt. Trail #270 Columbia Falls 9
South Fork Hemler Creek Trail #20 Bigfork 6
Spencer Mountain Whitefish 5 Advanced bike trail
Strawberry Lake Bigfork 10 Intermediate bike trail
Strawberry Lake Road Bigfork 7 Intermediate bike trail
Summit Mountain Bike Trail #810 Whitefish 8
Swan Lake Ditch Ride Bigfork 8 Beginner bike trail
Switchback/trail# 725 Bigfork 8 Intermediate bike trail
Tally Gorge Trail #294 Whitefish 2
Tally Lake Overlook Whitefish 9 Advanced bike trail
Tally Ridge Trail #458 Whitefish 3
Whitefish Bikepath Whitefish 5 Beginner bike trail
Whitefish Mountain Resort Whitefish 30
3 system trails
Big Mtn Whitefish 8 Intermediate bike trail
Runaway Train Trail #815 Whitefish 3 Advanced bike trail
Summit Mountain Bike Trail #810 Whitefish 8
Whitefish Trail Whitefish 12 Intermediate bike trail
Wolf Creek Trail/Echo Broken Leg #544 Bigfork 12 Expert bike trail

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