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Bald Mountain
Ketchum, ID
Discovery Hill Trails
Salmon, ID
Greenhorn Gulch
Ketchum, ID
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Trail NameCityRatingLengthDifficultyTopo Map
12 Hours Of Disco Course Salmon 8
12 Mile Meadows Loop Salmon 10 Advanced bike trail
12 Mile To Lime Creek Salmon 26 Advanced bike trail
8th Street Motorcycle Trail Boise 12 Intermediate bike trail
Adams Gulch Loop Ketchum 7 Beginner bike trail
Alder Van Horn Loop Challis 17 Advanced bike trail
Alhambra Kellogg 1  
Around the Mountain Boise 10
Aspen Trail Driggs 10 Intermediate bike trail
Bald Mountain Ketchum 30
6 system trails
Bald Mountain Trail Ketchum 5 Intermediate bike trail  
BroadWay trail Ketchum 5 Intermediate bike trail  
Cold Springs Trail Ketchum 5 Intermediate bike trail  
River Run Ketchum 5 Intermediate bike trail
Saddle Up Ketchum 4 Intermediate bike trail  
WarM Springs Trail Ketchum 8 Intermediate bike trail  
Bald Mountain Trail Ketchum 5 Intermediate bike trail  
Barracks Lane Salmon 35
5 system trails
Cheney Loop Salmon 4
Lower Austin Loop Salmon 6
Mulkey Creek Salmon 13
Rippey Spring Loop Salmon 11
The Basco Loop Salmon 7
Bear Basin Mccall 25 Intermediate bike trail
Bear Creek Palisades 5
Bear Valley Lakes Tendoy 11 Advanced bike trail
Bell Mountain Canyon Leadore 11 Advanced bike trail
Big Hole Crest Trail Victor 17
Bovine Driggs 1 Intermediate bike trail
BroadWay trail Ketchum 5 Intermediate bike trail  
Brundage Mountain Resort Mccall 80 Advanced bike trail
Buckskin Morgan Ririe 1 Intermediate bike trail
Bulldog Hailey 3 Advanced bike trail
Bullion Connector Hailey 3 Intermediate bike trail
Burns Gulch Loop North Fork 8 Beginner bike trail
Carbonate Training Loop Hailey 6
Carl Gulch Shuttle North Fork 7
CDT - Flume Creek Section Salmon 12 Intermediate bike trail
CDT Goldstone South Salmon 15 Intermediate bike trail
CDT: Grizzly Hill North Leadore 7 Intermediate bike trail
Channel Lock Driggs 1 Intermediate bike trail
Cheney Loop Salmon 4
City Creek Trail Pocatello 5 Intermediate bike trail
Coal Kiln Canyon Leadore 4 Advanced bike trail
Cold Springs Trail Ketchum 5 Intermediate bike trail  
Continental Divide To 3 Mile Ridge Gibbonsville 17 Advanced bike trail
Continental Divide Trail - Bradley Gulch to Sheep Creek North Fork 13
Continental Divide Trail - Chief Joseph To Big Hole Pass Gibbonsville 18
Continental Divide Trail; Upper Sheep Creek To Carmen Creek Salmon 21 Advanced bike trail
Corral Creek Ketchum 8 Beginner bike trail
Corral Loop Boise 8
Corrals Boise 6 Beginner bike trail
Crest Line To Lower Hull's Gulch Boise 7
Crest Line, Sidewinder, Fat Tire, Trail 5, Trail 6, Trail 4 Boise 12 Beginner bike trail
Crooked River Idaho City 8  
Croy Creek Trail System Hailey 25
Crystal Lake Trails 3
Deadwood Ridge Trail Loman 17 Advanced bike trail
Deer Point Boise 2  
Discovery Hill Trails Salmon 40 Intermediate bike trail
8 system trails
12 Hours Of Disco Course Salmon 8
Enduro Loop Salmon 9
Golway Butte Salmon 22
Owl Canyon Loop Salmon 6
Powerline Salmon 2
Slump Gulch Loop Salmon 8
Slump Ridge Salmon 2
Spare Rib Salmon 2
Divide To Twin Creek North Fork 19 Advanced bike trail
Eagle Bike Park Eagle 7 Intermediate bike trail
Eagle Trail Twin Falls 3 Beginner bike trail
East Side Trail Boise 16 Intermediate bike trail
Elk Meadows Boise 4  
Elk Meadows Loop Stanley 12 Intermediate bike trail
Elk Trail Loop North Fork 9
Elkhorn Loop Idaho City 12 Beginner bike trail
Enduro Loop Salmon 9
Fisher Creek To Williams Creek Stanley 17 Intermediate bike trail
Fourth Of July Lake / Ants Basin / Robinson Bar Stanley 26 Advanced bike trail
Fourth of July to Carmen Creek Trail Salmon 0  
Fox Creek Loop Ketchum 29 Intermediate bike trail
Frenchman Creek Stanley 11 Easiest bike trail
Frog Lake Loop Clayton 24 Advanced bike trail
Galena Grinder Ketchum 11
Gemini Moscow 4
Germania Creek - Chamberlain Creek Loop Stanley 17
Gibson Jack/west Fork Pocatello 18 Intermediate bike trail
Goldbug Ridge Salmon 25
Golway Butte Salmon 22
Goose Creek Falls Tr New Meadows 5 Advanced bike trail
Greenhorn Gulch Ketchum 5 Intermediate bike trail
1 system trails
Imperial Gulch Hailey 10 Advanced bike trail
Hard Guy Boise 12 Advanced bike trail
Harrington Fork Twin Falls 26 Intermediate bike trail
Haystack/Stormy/Virginia/Shoup Salmon 24 Expert bike trail
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