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Trail NameCityRatingLengthDifficultyTopo MapConditions
Apex Park Golden 8 Advanced bike trail
Bald Mountain Trail Boulder 1 Beginner bike trail
Beaver Brook Watershed Idaho Springs 5 -
Betasso Preserve Boulder 7 Intermediate bike trail
Boulder Valley Ranch Boulder 7 Beginner bike trail
Buchanan Pass Ward 10 Advanced bike trail
Bunce School Road To T33 Crash Site Allenspark 14 -
Caribou Flats Eldora 12 Intermediate bike trail
Centennial Cone Park Idaho Springs 13 Intermediate bike trail
Ceran Saint Vrain Loop Jamestown 5 Intermediate bike trail
Chapman Drive Boulder 3 Intermediate bike trail
Chimney Gulch Golden 10 Advanced bike trail
Coal Creek Trail Louisville 10 Easiest bike trail
Coalton Trail Superior 6 Beginner bike trail
Colorado Hills Trail Westminster 6 Beginner bike trail
Community Ditch Eldorado Springs 8 Easiest bike trail
Coulson Gulch Pinewood Springs 9 Advanced bike trail
CU Dirt Jumps Boulder 1 Beginner bike trail
Davidson Mesa Louisville 4 -
Dirty Bismarck Superior 10 Easiest bike trail
Doudy Draw Trail Eldorado Springs 4 Beginner bike trail
East Boulder Trail Louisville 4 Easiest bike trail
Flatirons Vista Boulder 4 Beginner bike trail
Golden Gate Canyon State Park Golden 35 Advanced bike trail
1 system trails
Mountain Lion Trail Black Hawk 8 Advanced bike trail
Green Mountain Denver 7 Intermediate bike trail
Greenbelt Plateau Superior 3 Beginner bike trail
Hall Ranch Lyons 9 Advanced bike trail
Heil Valley Ranch Boulder 14 Intermediate bike trail
4 system trails
Picture Rock Trail Lyons 11 Intermediate bike trail
Ponderosa Loop Boulder 3 Intermediate bike trail
Wapiti Trail Boulder 5 Intermediate bike trail
Wild Turkey Trail Boulder 3 Intermediate bike trail
High Plains Trail Superior 4 Beginner bike trail
Johnny Park Road Estes Park 11 -
Lair O' The Bear / Bear Creek Trail Morrison 12 Intermediate bike trail
Lion Gulch Pinewood Springs 6 Advanced bike trail
Lobo Trail Longmont to Boulder 18 Easiest bike trail
Marshall Mesa Area Boulder 16 Beginner bike trail
Marshall Road Open Spaces Superior 7 Beginner bike trail
Matthews Winters Morrison 6 Intermediate bike trail
Meyers Homestead Trail Boulder 5 Beginner bike trail
Mountain Lion Trail Black Hawk 8 Advanced bike trail
Mud Lake Nederland 3 -
North Table Mountain Golden 10 Intermediate bike trail
Picture Rock Trail Lyons 11 Intermediate bike trail
Pierson Park Road Estes Park 7 -
Pinewood Reservoir Berthoud 7 -
Ponderosa Loop Boulder 3 Intermediate bike trail
Rabbit Mountain Loop Lyons 5 Intermediate bike trail
Rattlesnake Gulch Boulder 4 Advanced bike trail
Red Rocks / Dakota Ridge Denver 6 Advanced bike trail
Ridge Trail Evergreen 3 Intermediate bike trail
Rollins Pass Rollinsville 15 Beginner bike trail
Sourdough Trail Ward 12 Intermediate bike trail
South Saint Vrain Ward 10 Advanced bike trail
South Table Mountain Golden 8 Intermediate bike trail
Spring Brook Loop Eldorado Springs 5 Beginner bike trail
Standley Lake Westminster 5 Beginner bike trail
Sundance Trail Berthoud 6 Expert bike trail
Sunset East Erie 1 Intermediate bike trail
Sunset Park Lakewood 1 -
Sunset West Erie 3 Advanced bike trail
Valmont Bike Park Boulder 6 Intermediate bike trail
Virginia Canyon Idaho Springs 11 -
Waldrop Trail Ward 3 Advanced bike trail
Walker Ranch Boulder 7 Advanced bike trail
Wapiti Trail Boulder 5 Intermediate bike trail
Warren Gulch Idaho Springs 17 Advanced bike trail
Waterline Idaho Springs 3 Intermediate bike trail
West Magnolia Nederland 9 Intermediate bike trail
White Ranch Golden 14 Advanced bike trail
White Rocks Trail Lafayette 7 Beginner bike trail
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